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HOMETrust Company for Kiribati
kiribatiTrust Company for Kiribati
Trust Company sponsoring Eita United footbal team from Kiribati

Trust Company is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Eita United, the youth football team in Eita Community in Tarawa, the Republic of Kiribati.

The team was formed by Eita community to support good health of youth.
In the recent Tarawa Urban Council (TUC) tournament held in May, Eita United came in second place. The team has now proceeded to the final of National Independent Celebration held on July 12.
In a long term, the team is targeting at becoming Tarawa football team representative in the Kiribati National Championship.

Am tai aio Eita United n kaotiko!!! (Let's go Eita United!!!).

Customer's Voices from Kiribati


I am so happy I have discharged an item last Wednesday. A customer is so happy he received his car.

Mr Tioera I.

I would like to thank you so much for your excellent service The Trust Company through you since I first started my negotiating buying my car from . My vehicle arrived safely after going through the customs and Port Authority. Thank you so much and looking forward to contact you in the near future as a few teachers show interest in buying their vehicle from the Trust Company. Wishing you the best in your work

Mrs Tetoka T.

Thanks very much for your prompt invoicing. Firstly, let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for your assistance in providing me a vehicle which safely arrive with good condition but minor repair to leak of exhaust however this has been taken care of since you gave me the condition before delivery which is a proactive service. Sorry for belated acknowledgement as I have just returned from an outer island.[...]

Mr D.K.

Dear Roger, I thank you so much for your immediate assistance and response. It is very much an honor to know you of your trustworthiness and best e-customer service you always offer to me. This has grown and built my trust in you in promoting your Trust Company Ltd. I salute you for that and more importantly your honest deal in this area of business is splendid. Will be back for more assistance from you in future.

Mr George F.

The vehicle arrived in Tarawa and was delivered to me on Saturday evening. I haven't had time to check it all out yet but it looks great and I am very pleased. Thank you so much for your excellent service and rapid work in placing the vehicle on such an early ship. Everyone here was surprised how quickly you arranged it.

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