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Buy a car from Japan in 5 Easy Steps

Buy a car from Japan in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1Select your vehicle.

Find the best Japanese vehicle for you using our search function or from our
Once you find the used car you like, check its details and photos.
Use the quote function to immediately verify the total cost from Japan to your Country. (Online quotation not available for some Country / vehicle combinations)

Step 2Get a free invoice and order the vehicle.

Request an invoice for any used car from our stock: it is free and easy.
Input your details and we will email you an invoice within one hour time.
If you decide to purchase, contact us so that we can reserve the vehicle for you before someone else buy it.

Warranty Options Pre-Shipment Inspection Option Stereo Options

Step 3Complete the payment.

Complete the payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer, from any bank. You can pay also using PayPal system.
After you have completed the payment please send us a copy of Telegraphic Transfer copy as proof of payment.
When the payment is here, we will email you a confirmation.

Payments Paying by Bank Telegraphic Transfer Paying by Paypal

Step 4Your vehicle is shipped.

After receiving the full payment we will immediately begin the export arrangements for the first vessel available.
You can follow the status of your shipment by accessing your account page, at any time.
We will send the documents to you or your agent by DHL courier a few days after the vessel leaves Japan.

Step 5Collect your vehicle.

Once you receive the documents, you can begin arranging collection and registration in your country of the vehicle.
A clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid.
Complete the procedures and drive your vehicle away!

Premium Package

Premium Package is a special benefit plan available only for the best vehicles.
Purchase a car with Premium package to ensure the best safety and reliability.
With Premium Package you are privileged to:

Mechanical break down warranty up to either 3 months of arrival at the port or 6,000 km. Your vehicle is covered by Trust's guarantee.

All mechanical checks repairs using genuine parts. We perform mechanical check ups on 37 items for road worthiness required annually by law in Japan and service and repair your car if necessary after the inspection.

Four brand new tires fitted. Branded quality tires are fitted instead of the old ones, that are discarded.

Engine oil, oil filter, air filter and AC filter change. Filters and oil are changed to ensure the maximum reliability. We use high quality oil from the maker.

Spare key sent by Air Courier. The spare key is sent to you by Air Courier, safely and quickly. If the vehicle has only one key, we will make a new spare key equivalent to the original main key.

Shipping Warranty options

You can choose between two warranties for the shipment of your vehicle: Extended Shipping Warranty and Basic Shipping Warranty.
We recommend the Extended Shipping Warranty for additional protection against theft and damages that might happen during transportation or at the destination port.

Shipping Warranties
(Silver Cover)
(Standard Cover)
Price US$ 150 US$ 80
Coverage limit C&F amount C&F amount
Damages covered
Total loss Yes Yes
Theft of parts Yes No
Shipping damages Yes No
Coverage area
During vehicle transportation Yes Yes
While vehicle is at delivery yard Yes No
Does not cover Spare key. Original audio and after-market accessories. Loss by force majeure. General average under the York-Antwerp rule. Shipping damages, theft of parts. Loss by force majeure. General average under the York-Antwerp rule.
Coverage ends When vehicle is released to Customer or to their representative at the delivery point. When vehicle is unloaded from the ship.

What is the difference between Marine Insurance and Trust Shipping Warranty?

"Trust Shipping Warranty" is a warranty guaranteed by Trust Company itself which insures up to the maximum C&F price.
especially the "Extended Shipping Warranty"makes it possible to cover even minor damage and thieveries during transportation.
the "Marine insurance" is a mandatory insurance defined by the international trade term in which all traders must be integrated, it can cover up to 110% of the CIF price in case of a marine accident, but however, it cannot cover minor damage or thieveries during the transportation (in case you don't get the Marine insurance you might not be able to collect the cargo in some instance).

Trust Inspection Certificate

Trust Company's Inspection Certificate is an official document in English that certifies the results of our inspection of the vehicle.
Points of checking are: engine, oil, water, drive shafts, transmission, exterior panels, windows, paintwork, tires, interio, and other areas.
We will send you the Certificate together with the other shipping documents for your car.
To order the Inspection Certificate, check the corresponding box in "Extras and options" when requesting a pro-forma invoice for the vehicle.
Trust's Inspection Certificate costs US $50.

Choose the best Stereo Option for your car

US$ 60Original Stereo System Upgrade

Checking Car audio and installing a Band Expander to match the FM frequency in your area.
(The receiving frequency is 18 Mhz higher than what the stereo will display).

US$ 150Basic MP3/USB/radio Player (No CD)

Basic USB/SD digital media player. Aux-in connection, Radio AM/FM.
MP3, WMA compatible. 50 Wx 4. USB Port (Front), Aux-In (front, mini jack 3.5mm), Rotary Volume.
English Menus.
Does not accept CDs.

US$ 250CD/USB Player

CD player with front USB, Aux-in connections, Radio AM/FM.
CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, WAV, Android Media Compatible. High Powered MOSFET 50 Wx 4 USB Port(Front), Aux-in(front, mini jack 3.5mm), Rotary Volume, Removable faceplate.
English Menus, Multilanguage User Manual.
Removable faceplate delivered by courier to the Customer.

US$ 360High Grade CD/USB/radio Player with Bluetooth + USB Key 16 GB

High Grade CD player with front USB, Remote Control, iPod/iPhone Direct Control, Aux-in connections, Radio AM/FM. Bluetooth Built-in.
CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, WAV, Android Media Compatible. High Powered MOSFET 50 Wx 4. USB Port (Front), Aux-In (front, mini jack 3.5mm), Rotary Volume, Removable faceplate.
Remote Control, English Menus, Multilanguage User Manual.
Removable faceplate and USB key delivered by courier to the Customer.

US$ 650Brand new DVD/CD Player

Dash 1-Din DVD Multimedia AV Receiver with 7 VGA Touch Display and Direct Control for iPod/iPhone.Radio AM/FM.
DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, WAV, DivX/MPEG-1/2 Compatible. Aux-In ,USB Port (Rear), Rotary Volume, Removable faceplate.
English Menus, Multilanguage User Manual.
Removable faceplate delivered by courier to the Customer.

NOTE for all new stereos purchases:

In case of temporary unavailability of a stereo model we reserve the right to install another one of similar value and specifications, without given notice.
The installation of any new audio system will disable the Back Camera function if present on the vehicle.