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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

21 February 2020: we have 1624 testimonials in English
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Users Voice
Ms Grace K. (Solomon Islands), 2013/09/20


Users Voice
Dear all,

I wish to acknowledge that I have safely received my car with great satisfaction on the 14th September 2013 even though it took such a long time from Nagoya, Japan.

Thank you very much for selling such a low mile-age & good car which my family and I are now enjoying and I hope to do another order soon.

With best regards,

Users Voice
Mr Julia P. (Mozambique), 2013/09/13


Users Voice
Dear Mr Kobayashi
Thank you soo much for your email, I will recomend Trust Company Ltd for my all my friends and family asap I have my hands on the steering wheel of Golf


Users Voice
Mr Kayula M. (Zambia), 2013/09/13


Users Voice
Hi Trust Company?

I want to inform you that I received my Toyota Grand Hiace in one piece. An agent delivered it to me in Zambia yesterday (Monday 02/08/2013).

Thank you very much.


Users Voice
Mr Fernando F. (Mozambique), 2013/09/13


Users Voice
Good morning Mr Clement
I am writing to let you know that I have received my vehicle! its really really really new! it is unbelievable that it were used! I am very very happy my family as well. thank you very much. for the information you provided me during all the process.

Users Voice
Mr NEKODIMO R. (Zimbabwe), 2013/09/06


Users Voice
Dear Sir

I wish to express my profound gratitude over the excellant service that you gave me. I received my car all in order and is very pleasing in terms of performance. I promise to do business with you in future. my next purchase is a 4 tonne used Nissan UD truck and a usedTractor. I will advise you once funds are available. May you continue with the trustworthness that I have exprienced with your company.

Best Regards

Nekodimo R.

Users Voice
Mrs D. Bomba (Tanzania), 2013/09/06


Users Voice
Dear Sales Team!!

May I take this opportunity to thank you and all the Trust Company and all Staff for the services rendered to me during the purchasing and shipping process of the my TOYOTA HARRIER 2005 .
The vehicle arrived at 17 August 2013 the car is in a very good condition,I really like it. Thank you so much for your kind and trust as your company name.

Many thanks to Mr. Victor Shakwe (Trust Company - Dar) This man he know the job he is good communicate to customer.


D.Bomba for Tanzania.

Users Voice
Mr KABAYIZA A. (Rwanda), 2013/09/06


Users Voice
Dear all, I thank you all for the energy and commitment that you made to proceed all requirements for my Car [...]. I am here to confirm that I received it in good and expected conditions as promised. I am happy and everyone here is happy, hope that it will stay for next same deals for my friends.

I am now driving safely here in Rwanda.

Thank all for your commitment in your businesses to help us. Be blessed.

Thank You


Users Voice
Kenneth M. (Zambia), 2013/09/06


Users Voice
I am always satisfied with your car products. I recently bought my second car a RAV4 from your company and really enjoying my errands around Zambia. [...]

Keep on with the spirit of providing quality sales and maximize the trust that befits the name of your company! Find attached the picture of my self in my car!

God bless!

Users Voice

Users Voice
Ms ANGELINA S. (Mozambique), 2013/08/30


Users Voice
Dear Sirs,
I confirm that I have received in good conditions the vehicle (MAZDA FAMILIA) on 15th August 2013. Sorry informing today my email it was not working.
Everything is OK, many thanks you are really the TRUST COMPANY.

Best regards.

Users Voice
Ms Mary M. (Malawi), 2013/08/30


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company Ltd -
I want to let you know that my car arrived in Dar-Es-Salaam on 7th August,2013, I went to collect in it . Its a good car and very nice .Am thanking you very much, and the shipping company . I Love you All.

Wishing to order again if I will save money

Good day to you all

Mary M.

Users Voice
Mr Michael S. (Guyana), 2013/08/30


Users Voice

I have received the Rav 4 i bought from you in good order , it arrived with Morning Composer on time , thanks MIKE

Users Voice
Laura V. (Mozambique), 2013/08/23


Users Voice
Hi Inna!
Nice to hear from you my dear.
Please to inform you that my car Toyota Corsa arrive very well.
I am pleased to report that the Toyota Corsa arrived in Maputo in perfect condition. God be praised.
I want to hereby thank all the support that the Trust Japanesevehicle so that the car came to me. Thank you. I hope to continue to want to buy accessories or other vehicles.
Inform further soon send the photos of the car already in Mozambique.
Inna Thanks for all the support provided.
Laura V.

Users Voice
Peter K. (Uganda), 2013/08/23


Users Voice
Dear Diana,

THANK YOU especially and the team at Flitlinks for great service in importing our van from Japanese Trust

Adventurously Yours,
Peter K.

Users Voice
Mr Apollo N. (Rwanda), 2013/08/23


Users Voice
Dear Sales Team,

Just a note to thank you and commend you for your professionalism during the entire transaction. I received the Vehicle in excellent shape shape about a week ago!

Best regards and keep up the good job!

Apollo N.

Users Voice
Mr Remy J. (Netherlands Antilles), 2013/08/23


Users Voice
Dear Maki,
How are you doing?
I have recieved my car :)
I am so happy with it
It is my new toy!
Thank you for your assistance and service.
And the car is faaaaaaaast
I love my Subaru legacy!!!

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Elliot V. (Kenya), 2013/08/16


Users Voice
Happy with my car. I recently purchased a BMW X5 and I like the car. It arrived as advertised. I will continue business

Users Voice
Mr Matthew T. (Zimbabwe), 2013/08/16


Users Voice
thank you Trust I am driving my nice car. Many are asking how I did it so I am connecting many to your company.

Users Voice
Ms C. Tumelo (Zimbabwe), 2013/08/12


Users Voice
I finally got the registration of the car in Zimbabwe and I am using it. It is a very nice car and
My children like it and always trying to compare with the one in Zambia E240 we purchased
From yourselves in 2008.

Best regards,

Ms. Tumelo

Users Voice
Mr A. AVARA (Mozambique), 2013/08/12


Users Voice
Thank you very much, I received my car (Terios) in good conditions.

Users Voice
Mr Dickie B. (Cayman Islands), 2013/07/26


Users Voice
hi I got the van today it,s like new excellent condition drives and looks great thank you best regards dickie

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