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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
Mr Omari M. (Tanzania), 2013/03/01


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that a car has been arrived safely at Dar es salaam port on 16 February 2013 and it has been already taken from the port to my home. I have been informed that the car is in good condion. To this end, I would like also to thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the entire period of doing business with you. I hope we will do business again in the future.
Best regards
Omari M.

Users Voice
Mr Sidney K. (Zambia), 2013/03/01


Users Voice
Dear Ms Masako,
I write with delight that I received my car, intact as was shown on your website. I am so happy that I would not hesitate to recommend Trust to any one
Thanks once again and greetings from Zambia

Users Voice
Mr Domingos N. (Mozambique), 2013/02/22


Users Voice
Your serious business, your sincerly words, your attention for me, i am very very glade. I'm surprised with the toyota will VS. The best quality and best condition. Its Newer. Thanks very much for your attention and for all. Im very happy for all your custumer
domingos n.-Africa, Mozambique

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Users Voice
Richard C. (Uganda), 2013/02/22


Users Voice
Good day sir, I have received the vehicle and it is in a very good condition. Thank you for the service rendered to me and for the quality of the vehicle from the company. May you prosper in the business and I will be doing business with your company in a very short while.

Thank you.

Users Voice
Mr Pelekelo M. (Zimbabwe), 2013/02/22


Users Voice
Hie Inna

We have finally collected our vehicle its quite awesome and we are grateful for having assisted us in procurring this marvellous gift. We shall be in touch in the near future for another one.

Thank you

Pelekelo M.

Users Voice
Mr Mwitangeti S. (Zambia), 2013/02/22


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company,

I wish to inform you that i received my vehicle in good shape just like i saw it on your website.Its in perfect condition,the engine is intact and produces good sound.I am very happy with the services you offered me during the whole transaction process... I would definitely recommend you to others.


Mwitangeti S.

Users Voice
Ms Charmaine W. (Antigua and Barbuda), 2013/02/15


Users Voice
Hi Inna, I have just gone to the port to clear my vehicle. I love what I am
seeing. Thanks. I cant waint to start driving. Best regards.

Users Voice
Mr Richard M. (Tanzania), 2013/02/15


Users Voice
Hi All.
I am doing well here.This is to inform all of you that my car Nissan arrived safe in Tanzania without any problem.It is a nice car and I really like it.
As your name ( TRUST COMPANY ) You are TRUSTED and I will be your Ambassador to tell the people about your company -Very clear, Transparent and very fast doing things.

I thank all of you in Japan as a Company and also your department I deal with:.

1 - Sales department ,2 -Shipping department 3 - Victor Shakwe at Japanese Vehicles Dar es salaam .He is nice person ,He work very hard and he cares about his customers .
I like the way he works Thank you Victor .

Thank you once again and wish all of you a wonderful day.

Richard M.

Users Voice
Mr Ngut B C (South Sudan), 2013/02/15


Users Voice

on date 24/01/2013 my vehicle finally reach Home JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN

Inform the entire staff of trust company that my vehicle is finally at Home and vehicle reach with good condition and i hope the trust name came as true as you name it, i will remain your customer for ever in japan. let the name of trust remain as its name. i hope me and my kid will enjoy that car with God is care and let God bless your company once more for the trust you build with your customers.


Users Voice
Ms WANOGA N. (Tanzania), 2013/02/15


Users Voice
Dear Inna,

Its Wanoga here, this is to let know that I have received the Toyota Brevis
in very good Condition, I now enjoying driving in Dar Es Salaam city.

Thank you very much!


Users Voice
Mr CHESTER N. (Malawi), 2013/02/08


Users Voice
I hope you are all doing good out there.
This mail serves to inform you that my vehicle -TOYOTA OPA has been collected in Dar es Sallam on 30 th Jan 13. However,i am really convinced by the services rendered by your Company especially Miss YUKI and Miss Tokuda. Your assistance from the beginning of our conversation up to the last step has proven good work far much beyond my expectation. You all deserve an appreciation for the job well done.My car is in mint condition . The car is just like the same as seen on the photos,no scratches or dents on the body.The communication was excellent and i was being updated in every step until the vehicle was shipped.
I would recommend my fellow customers to buy vehicles from TRUST COMPANY.
The name 'TRUST'means quality.

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Adam M. (Tanzania), 2013/02/08


Users Voice
Dear all,

I have received my car today, it is very good and drives good. Thank you for your coorparation.
i hope next i will do business with you agaian.



Users Voice
Mr Peter G. (Papua New Guinea), 2013/02/08


Users Voice
Hi Juan Martel

I acknowledge receipt of my vehicle here in Port Moresby - PNG. The car [...] Toyota Estima.
I took the car home on Wednesday 23/01/13. The car is in good condition, which is worth the money spent.

I take this opportunity to thank you and the professional sales and marketing team in your company.
Keep up the good work over there

Thank you so much

Users Voice
Mr Johnson T. (Solomon Islands), 2013/02/01


Users Voice
As a local agent vehicle dealer, last year I purchase vehicle from Trust and also purchase vehicle from beforward. I compare that quality vehicles comes from trust that is this year I want to remain with trust company.

Users Voice
Mr Promise M. (Malawi), 2013/02/01


Users Voice
Dear Risa,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just received my Suzuki Swift which I ordered from your Company. The Car is really good and I really love it its in immaculate / showroom condition and very good condition indeed. I am also planning to order more from your Company. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.


Promise M.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Angelo A. (Papua New Guinea), 2013/02/01


Users Voice
This note is to thank for your assistance in my purchasing a car of my choice.
I am surprised with the quality and will be orderong another one soo.n.
Attached is a photo with my vechile.

Kind Regards

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Sam B. (Uganda), 2013/02/01


Users Voice
Dear all,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Trust Japanese Vehicles on the successful receiving of the NISSAN Pulsar that i ordered online, My wife is very happy with the choice of the car and right now she is just driving with pride.

My sincere gratitude also go to the entire management of Flitlinks International especially Ms. Diana Namakula, Mr Dennis Tugume and Mr. Martin Senoga for their endless work effort in making sure that i had the necessary information needed before getting the car, May God bless you all abundantly. And I also pray that one day we shall also work together when I may need another vehicle.

From me and my family Thanks to you all.

Best wishes,



Users Voice
Mr Samuel M. (Zambia), 2013/02/01


Users Voice
Hello. Just to inform you that i received my vehicle intact and clean. Thank for dealing with Trust Company.

Users Voice
Ms Anna J M. (Tanzania), 2013/02/01


Users Voice
Dear Maki,
I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are planning 2013 excelleration.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and all the Trust Co. Staff for the services rendered to me during the purchasing and shipping process of the Suzuki Grand Escudo. The vehicle arrived on time and was collectedd from the port on 31/12/2012. Sincerely your operetions are organized, doughtless and timely.

Wish you all the best and God Bless.
Anna J M.

Users Voice
Ms 'Mamajone K. (Lesotho), 2013/01/25



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Thank you very much for the comfortable vehicles we bought from your company.
My husband bought C220 Mercedes Benz from you, I have just bought myself Golf.
We are enjoying a drive. The vehicles are new, comfortable and convenient.
We are even encouraging more friends to buy from you.

0nce again,

Thank you

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