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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
Mr Richard S. (Cayman Islands), 2013/04/19


Users Voice
Thank you ,

Trust company Ltd am so happy doing business with your wonderful team from purchaseing to shipping department was so great it amazing you guys are the best.

Two of my co-worker are right now making purchase also i give them your website and i will be purchaseing my wife car from you also in may of this year.....i also post your website on my facebook tagline so all my friends their can see it....

Keep up the good work your all doing your company are trusted, honest and pack with infromation to your customer and that wonderful of this company and its team...

Thanks again trust company team.



Users Voice
Mr Alberto D. (Mozambique), 2013/04/19


Users Voice
Dear All

I am writing to inform that the vehicle arrived in good condiction.
On friday I was at Maputo, the capital of our country (2,100km) to picking the car. I am so happy, the car is beautyful and arrived safely. You are very commited.

Many Thanks
Alberto D.

Users Voice
Mr Aaron M (Zambia), 2013/04/12



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Dear Alisher,

I wish to confirm that the vehicle i purchased from you arrived safely. This is the second time i am purchasing a vehicle from Trust and i have never been disppointed. I will never stop buying from you and i will do it even again and again .... I have refered alot of my friends to buy from you and non of have them has been been disppointed. Kindly attached of the vehicles that i purchase from you.


Aaron M

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr El B. (Mozambique), 2013/04/05


Users Voice
Dear TRUST (Amar, wayne & ryoko),

How are you guys? I am very fine and extremely happy to inform you
that I already collected my vehicle on 25th March 2013. The vehicle is excellent and it runs great.

Thank you so much.

El Hadj Berete from Beira, Mozambique

Users Voice
Mr Green M. (Zambia), 2013/04/05


Users Voice
Dear Ms Maki Hyodo,

I wish to inform you that the vehicle arrived and it is in my possession.
The car feels good and its running.

I also wish to thank you all for quick responses that I used to get from you from the time I showed interest in the car to the time I collected it from Tunduma/Nakonde. It was really a pleasure having business with you.

Green M.

Users Voice
Mr Alvin R. (Burundi), 2013/04/05


Users Voice
Hello Wayne,

The inquiry was simply for an estimate.

I wish to thank you very much for assisting with my Toyota Progres purchase from Trust Co. I drove the car from Dar Es Salaam overland to Bujumbura, Burundi, and have finally cleared it from the local customs today, including registration and insurance.

The car was as good as I expected in terms of general condition and appearance, but more so I appreciated its excellent performance during the long trip of over 1,500 km. I look forward to many years of satisfied driving on the car. For its quality, value and performance, I think I got a very good deal for the money.

Thank you to all the staff at Trust Co.

A satisfied customer,

Dr Alvin R.

Users Voice
Mr JOHN S. (Zambia), 2013/03/29


Users Voice
Hello Inna,
How are you? I am very fine and extremely happy to inform you that I collected my vehicle from Nakonde yesterday, 30th August 2012. The vehicle is excellent and it runs great. It is a very beautiful vehicle. This is the quality of vehicle I have been looking for. You are a lovely company and I will order from your company again. I will tell friends looking for
excellent vehicles to buy from your company. Thank you so much.

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Mabvuto Z. (Zambia), 2013/03/29


Users Voice
This email serves to inform you that I received the vehichle and it is in good condition. Thank you for the business.

Kind regards.

Users Voice
Mr Mesack S. (Tanzania), 2013/03/29


Users Voice
I would like to take this moment to thank you & the entire Trust Company Limited team for such amazing services you guys offering around the world and particularly to me during my order,I have received my mazda 2, vehicles is running very good and it look like brand new & Look forward to place another order very soon.

Users Voice
Dick M. (Zambia), 2013/03/29


Users Voice
The Vanette [...] has finally reached its destination Zambia.
Thank you for the transaction.

Users Voice
Conrad R. (Solomon Islands), 2013/03/22


Users Voice
Dear Maki,

Thank you so much for you assistance in getting the above vehicle sold and shipped to me. I have now received the Caldina vehicle and the condition was just as usual; "top quality for a better price".

I will surely come back to Trust Company Ltd if I wish to purchase another used vehicle from Japan.

Thank you so much and hope to do business with you soon.

Kind regards

Conrad R.

Users Voice
Jacob P. (Papua New Guinea), 2013/03/15



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Dear Ayumi & Sales Team
I would like to take this moment to thank you & the entire Trust Company Limited team for such amazing services you guys offering around the world and particularly to me during my 1st & 2nd order as well. I have received my 2 vehicles from these orders. Toyota Windom 1996 and 1998. Both vehicles are running very good & Look forward to place another order very soon.


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr John P. (Solomon Islands), 2013/03/15


Users Voice
Dear Maki Hyodo

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank you very much for assisting me starting from the purchase date to the day the car reached our port here in Honiara (Solomon Islands) alst week. The correspondence we had so far through e - mail and phone was very fruitful. The car that I was always longing to receive is now here with me. I was just impressed with the advertisement on your website because it makes no difference from what I receive here. The car was just perfect just as it was in your website. But what makes me even more happier is that the car looks and feels very new although it was an used car. I just can not say how thankful I am for your honesty and reliabilty in dealing with your international customer. I gave your company a "Thumb up" because you really lived up to your name - "TRUST "japanesevehicles. I really trust your company and I will always promote your company to anyone who might want to buy a used car from Japan.
In addition to that, if I want to buy another car, I would e - mail you again.
Thank you very much, once again
Yours truly

John P.

Users Voice
Mr ENOCK D. (Zimbabwe), 2013/03/15


Users Voice
Dear Sir,

Ref the above subject.

I'm really greatful to Japanese Vehicles, Trust company staff for displaying a high standard of professionalism.

I bought a Madza Titan 2002 Model[...] on 5 October 2012 and received it on 4 February 2013 intact and in good order. Everything was done on INTERNET till date of receiving my vehicle. I'm now a proud owner of a MAZDA TRUCK.

I only propose that in future you attach/sent a check list for the vehicle accessories to reduce thefts during transit. We also request for your printed company t/shirts with your LOGO in order to proudly advertise on your behalf.

Trust company maintain your high standard of your professionalism.
We will keep on doing business with you.

Your greatful customer from ZIMBABWE.

Best regards,
Enock D.

Users Voice
Mr Carlos J. (Mozambique), 2013/03/15


Users Voice
Tank you for the Car. I just received. I am very, very happy.

Thank you. Soon I will ask for another.

Users Voice
Mr Tibwere B. (Kiribati), 2013/03/08


Users Voice
Hi Trust campaign team

Thanks very much for the excellent automobile services you have provide. I have just purchased my Subaru Forester which arrived two days ago on board South Islander. I have examined the car and very astonished to find it in a very good condition.

Users Voice
Ms Veronica B. (Papua New Guinea), 2013/03/08


Users Voice
Dear Juan,

I am delighted to inform you that I have finally received my vehicle which arrived on time.
Thank you very much to"Trust Co." for the trust that i have placed with and that has evidenced through the successful receipt of my order.
It was a great buy and I am really enjoying driving it. Certainly, I will recommend to others of "Trust Co." and its reputation.


Users Voice
Mr Abdon N. (Zambia), 2013/03/01


Users Voice
Dear Yuki,

Many thanks to you and trust company for the vehicle M/Rosa I bought from you.
I would like appreciate doing business with you, and also to inform you that
I received the vehicle in good condition.

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Madhodha P. (Zimbabwe), 2013/03/01


Users Voice
I would like to confirm i received the vehicle in good condition. I would like to thank you so much for your quality service. Thank you

Users Voice
Mr Omari M. (Tanzania), 2013/03/01


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that a car has been arrived safely at Dar es salaam port on 16 February 2013 and it has been already taken from the port to my home. I have been informed that the car is in good condion. To this end, I would like also to thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the entire period of doing business with you. I hope we will do business again in the future.
Best regards
Omari M.

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