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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
Mr John P. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/07/27


Users Voice
Dear Mr Yoko I'm really grateful for your great and kind assistant towards my camry,s safe arrival and I picked it up already and its with me right now. Once again thank you very much and hope doing business with you in the near future..
Regards! John P.( Papua New Guinea ).

Users Voice
Mr George F. (Kiribati), 2012/07/20


Users Voice
Dear Yoko,

The vehicle arrived in Tarawa and was delivered to me on Saturday evening.
I haven't had time to check it all out yet but it looks great and I am very
pleased. Thank you so much for your excellent service and rapid work in
placing the vehicle on such an early ship. Everyone here was surprised how
quickly you arranged it.


Yours, George

Users Voice
Mr Isaac M. (Malawi), 2012/07/20


Users Voice
Dear all,

I am writing with excitement that I have finally received my Vehicle in excellent condition. I am now driving with pride.


Please find attached a picture of my dream car
Yours proud customer,

Isaac, Malawi

Users Voice

Users Voice
Ms Mary L. (Solomon Islands), 2012/07/20


Users Voice
Dear Juan and Yoko

I would like to personally thank you both for your assistance in getting me purchase a vehicle from your company.
You two have been of great help indeed.

I will tell my friends to purchase from your company and will myself purchase again from you.
Thanks once again.


Users Voice
Mr Teodoro M. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/07/20


Users Voice
Dear Mr. Martel,


I am happy to inform you that the Vehicle I ordered, Honda CRV, 2001 Model, has safely arrived and been released from the Wharf last week. I also received the removable stereo face-plate via courier way in advance before the vehicle arrived. I am now a satisfied customer the second time around, my first order was in 2008 which was also a Honda CRV, 1999 Model.
Thank you for the prompt and excellent service.
Many thanks and kind regards.

Ted M.

Users Voice
Ms Susan M. (Zambia), 2012/07/20


Users Voice
Dear Trust,

Thank you very much, I received the Nadia which arrived in Daresalam,
Tanzania on 12th June, 2012. l like it very much, the car is clean, no dent,
everything is intact.lt feels very nice on the road.

l have definately recommended a lot of friends to purchase vehicles from you
Trust, you are really trusted,


Users Voice
Mrs Tetoka T. (Kiribati), 2012/07/12



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Hi Juan,

Thanks very much for your prompt invoicing. Firstly, let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for your assistance in providing me a vehicle which safely arrive with good condition but minor repair to leak of exhaust however this has been taken care of since you gave me the condition before delivery which is a proactive service. Sorry for belated acknowledgement as I have just returned from an outer island.[...]

Kind regards and thanks for your prompt and best service.

Tetoka T.

Users Voice
Ms Alyda M. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2012/07/12


Users Voice
Hi all,

Just to inform you that i have collected my car since june 8th with the good conditions, i am very happy because of it and let me say thanks to all staff of TRUST COMPANY,cheers!!!!!!!

Je voulais juste vous informez que j'avais récuper mon vehicule dans des bonnes conditions depuis le 08 juin passer et en profite par la meme occasion ,dire merci a toute l'equipe de TRUST COMPANY ,merci

Alyda M.

Users Voice
Ms Rachael A. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/07/12


Users Voice
Dear Juan,

I would like to thank you and your Team (Shipping) for the safe delivery of my vehicle mentioned above.

My Agents managed to pre-clear my vehicle on time and Customs released my vehicle to me yesterday, Wednesday, 20th. My sons were so happy we had to take the vehicle out for a drive this morning after sorting out the registration.

I would like to sincerely thank you and your Team for your kind and excellent support.

I pray for God's blessings upon you, your Team and Trust Company in the many years to come.

I also have some friends who are interested including my Pastor to purchase, your contact details have been given to them to make contact with you soon.

Best regards always.

Rachael A.

Users Voice
Mr Japhter M. (Zimbabwe), 2012/07/12


Users Voice

Just wanted to inform you that my Dad received the car and he is very happy with it.

Thank you very much.



Users Voice
Mr Humphreys M. (Malawi), 2012/07/12



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Thank you all for your great effort in dispatching of my Nissan Vanette and Mazda Bongo vehicles. I have received the vehicles on 4th June,2012 in good condition and drove them into my country with its outstanding performance & very much appreciated with many thanks.

Humphreys M.

Users Voice
Mr JOSEPH C. (Kenya), 2012/07/12


Users Voice
Hi Maki,
Hope you are fine. Today i received the vehicle in good condition. Thank you so much and keep the standards high as they have always been at trust company.
Hope to make another order soon.
Enjoy the weekend,
Best regards,

Users Voice
Mr Roby K. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2012/07/12


Users Voice
Hello Wayne,

Hope you are doing well, Just want to inform you that I've received my vehicle and everything is in good order.
Thank you for your professionnal service you are providing to people worldwide.


Roby K.

Users Voice
Mr Rabson S. (Zambia), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
Dear Business associate,

I would like to say thank you for ensuring that I got my vehicle in one
piece. Am a happy driver back home in Zambia. It was a worth while one
month of waiting but finally I got the car. Please keep it up in
ensuring that we get the best our of our sweat. Continue working
faithfully to us your customers forever.

Thank You,

Rabson S.
Zambia - Central Africa

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr JUSTUS M. (Malawi), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
Dear Sir,
Attached is my family photo with our TOYOTA WISH from Trust Company. Happy to inform you that I received it on schedule and in very good condition.
Thank you.

Justus M.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Andrew K. (Zambia), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
Am a proud beneficially of a valued toyota chaser i purchased from your honest and relaible company. The car i received a year ago still looks and working as if its recent aquired. I ve introduced 7 friends who have also enjoyed your services. [...]


Users Voice
Mr Batra K. (Zambia), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
I am greatful for the vehicle which I bought through your company and many people are admiring the car on the road. I will be in touch as often as posiible as I get friends who need same cars

Users Voice
Mr Peter S. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
H! Miss Yoko.

This is to inform that I had delivery of the bus today.

Users Voice
Mr Ricky M. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
Thank you Yoko for your prompt reply,

You have been very helpful for the past days. You have chosen a right car (Mark II) for me, which I received three weeks ago. It was in good condition and a top quality car.

Kind regards,

Ricky M.

Users Voice
DR.J.J.K. (Tanzania), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
thank you for your communication i have pleasure to send you the photo of both car the previouse one (CALDINA) and the current one(NISSAN PRIMERA)


Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

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