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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
DR.J.J.K. (Tanzania), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
hallow yuki
can i say thank you for your cooperation and i want to inform you that the car you send to me i have already received it in good condition hope we will continuouse communicate next time.have a nice time.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr AUSTIN M. (Zambia), 2012/07/06


Users Voice
Dear Maki Hyodo,

Am hereby writing to inform you and your esteemed sales team at Trust company that i received the vehicle on 9th of June,2012 and it's neat and very good condition.

Thanks very much for doing business with you,you are Simply the Best and Trust company is the HOME OF VERY GOOD USED VEHICLES.

Best regards,

Austin M.

Users Voice
B (Zambia), 2012/06/28


Users Voice
Hi Yoko,
We picked up the car from Dar es salaam yesterday evening and even though
lam yet to see it since it only arrived at the Zambian border today, the
gentleman who went to pick it up says its intact and lovely.

Users Voice
Mr Charles B. (British Virgin Islands), 2012/06/28


Users Voice
hey Ryoko i got the car just wanted to say thanks again and love it so for so good......

Users Voice
Mr J. P. SIBOMANA (Rwanda), 2012/06/28

SAAB 900

Users Voice
Dear Trust Company,

It is with great joy to announce to you that the car SAAB 900 purchased in japanesevehicle arrived in good condition as represented in the photos. Frankly speaking, it is a fast moving car with comfort, brand new inside. This is just to confirm the loyalty that I manifest to you during the time of exchange of ideas to buy the car until it is delivered to the port where it was easy to take it. Many thanks.

Your loyal customer.

Stay in touch.

Kigali Rwanda
Central Africa.

Users Voice
Mr Patricio E. (Mozambique), 2012/06/28


Users Voice
Hi Yoko
i received the car, we (i and my famliy)are very satisfied. The car arrived in excelent conditions, thank you ! as soon as possible i'l send you the pictures as you asked.
i receveid the car yestarday (6/9)

Users Voice
Ms Tendai M. (Zimbabwe), 2012/06/28


Users Voice
Dear Alisher,

Thank you so much my vehicle arrived safely and neat.
Your company is really trusted as its name.many thanks to the whole
employees of trust company you are great!


Tendai M.

Users Voice
Mr Sithulisiwe M. (Zimbabwe), 2012/06/28


Users Voice
I received my car on 2 June and it is what I expected and more. Avecs service was more than superb. Thank you all so much.

Users Voice
Mr DICKSON M. (Malawi), 2012/06/20


Users Voice
Hie Yukis

Thanks for the good 2 ton truck Isuzu Elf. It was like a birthday as I paid by instalment due to forex shortage in Malawi.
Please keep it up. Thanks again for not selling vehicles for profit only but to serve customers.
I hope to call again shortly.

Dickson M.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Amos N. (Zambia), 2012/06/20


Users Voice
Thanks ,i have receceived the vehicle in good order

Amos N.

Users Voice
Mr Fredrick M. (Tanzania), 2012/06/20


Users Voice
Dear Maki and the whole Japanese vehicle team,
I have great honor to send you my Acknowledgment for your help since the beginning of purchasing the car. I have received my car today in a good condition. Thank you all the individual or team participated in one way or another on my success.
I do hope once I will buy another I will get the same support from your team. Thank you very much. I am very very happy.
Have good day.
Fredrick M.

Users Voice
Mr Estevao M. (Mozambique), 2012/06/20


Users Voice
Thank you , thank you TRUST. I recieved my NISSAN RASHEEN from TRUST.
Thank you so much. It is so emaculate. All eyes are on me.

Estevao M.

Users Voice
Mr Julius M. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/06/20


Users Voice
Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your assistance in purchasing our vehicle.
We have finally got it home today.

Best Wishes

Users Voice
Imelda H. (Tanzania), 2012/06/20


Users Voice
hallow yuki
can i say thank you for your cooperation and i want to inform you that the car you send to me i have already received it in good condition hope we will continuouse communicate next time.have a nice time.

Users Voice
Mr Samuel A. (Ethiopia), 2012/06/15


Users Voice
Dear Yoko,
I wish to acknowledge the delivery of the car do me in very good condition today 31 May 2012.
I want to thank you for your cooperation and look forward to doing business with you in future. I will also not hesitate to recommend your company to my colleagues at the African Union.


Users Voice
Mr Colin M. (Solomon Islands), 2012/06/15


Users Voice
Hello Yoko

How are you going? I hope you are well.
It is a holiday in the Solomon Islands today so I thought that I would get a photo of our Subaru Legacy that we purchased through you. Very happy with the car and it handles the rough roads here in Honiara with ease.
I will send a better photo when I can.

Kind regards


Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Benedito R. (Mozambique), 2012/06/15


Users Voice
Received the vehicle. Thanks for service level.
Best Regards/Melhores Cumprimentos

Benedito R.

Users Voice
Mr Ting F. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/06/15


Users Voice
Attn Yoko n shipping dept staffs:
I have received my vehicle yesterday(22 May 2012), at madang Luship Stevedoring(whaft), After I paid whaftage handling,and quarantine fees, a week b4,
DHS Terios 1998, my wife and 2 daughters enjoy driving with automative gear provide smooth and silence power, its a very nice car, thank you for trust company,a very excellant company,give us joy n good life,i like to do bussiness with you at the future.

from Ting F.
Madang,Papua New Guinea

Users Voice
Mr Ronnie M. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/06/15


Users Voice
Yoko,I have now pick up the vehicle and its with safe hands. Thank you it is a nice car for young couples. I now can visit my family instead of catching a public transport to point A to point B. Once again, thank you TCL for being providing freindly sevices to a person whos long distance made it the best services in Japan.

Best Regards
Ronnie M.

Users Voice
Ms Moomba M. (Zambia), 2012/06/15


Users Voice
Hello Maki,
i received my beautiful Cold in excellent condition.it was great doing business with you and now i can safely call you TRUST company!
Am looking forward to buying my next car from you.

Have a great day.

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