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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
We would love to post here your comments and photos about your experience with JapaneseVehicles.com.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

21 April 2019: we have 1574 testimonials in English
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Users Voice
Mr Charles H. (Tanzania), 2012/02/02


Users Voice
Kindly I would like to thank you the whole team of japanese vehicle and to late you know that I have allready received my car is in good condition as I accepted to be.Through this, I will keep an advertising your company for better and easy, all over the world,[...] Don,t stop to give Updated stock as usually

Users Voice
Mr Dominic N. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/02/02


Users Voice
Thank you once again for the vehicle.the car arrived in good condition.I picked up the car on the 30/01/2012. Thank you all for your precious time and effort.

Users Voice
Mr Leopoldo F. (Mozambique), 2012/01/26


Users Voice
Dear Sir,
I have received my vehicle as scheduled by your company and I would like to Thank you very much.

Users Voice
Ms Mildred Z. (Zambia), 2012/01/26


Users Voice
Hi Yuki Sugishita,
Just wanted to say thanks, i received my car in good condition as ordered.
Am very grateful and will not hesitate to get in touch if i wish to get another or even advise my friends to buy from your company.
Thank you and Best Regards!

Users Voice
Mr Alain M. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2012/01/26


Users Voice
Happy New Year to all the team at Trust Company Ltd.
This is to confirm that I received the above mentioned vehicle in very good condition. I really like it. [...]

Users Voice
Mrs Maria G. (Mozambique), 2012/01/26


Users Voice
Dear Juan and Ryoko,
This is to confirm the receipt of the vehicle. It came in time for the clearing without problems and I am now driving the Land Cruiser happily.
Thanks very much for all you have done to make sure that the vehicle arrives before the deadline set by the customs authority.

Users Voice
Mr Isaac K. (Uganda), 2012/01/26


Users Voice
Hello Juan and Team.
This is to extend my appreciation to all of you and to Trust Company as a whole.
Thanks alot for my Vehicle. I received it safely [....]
Thanks alot and let us keep in touch as very soon will be coming back to you for another car.
Thanks alot and have a blessed weekend.

Users Voice
Ms Thelma C. (Zimbabwe), 2012/01/26


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company ,
I just want to thank you for the vehicle has now arrived at it final destination [...] Harare-Zim.
It looks like everything is as we anticipated.

Users Voice
Mr Vincent K. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2012/01/19


Users Voice
Dear Amar,
We would like to let you know that we received our Opel Vectra. One more time, thank you for your service and assistance.
Warm regards from Kinshasa, DRC.

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Paguys M. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2012/01/19


Users Voice
Many thanks for all your support about my latest order, I have received the car without any problem.
Thank you

Users Voice
Ms Manusalo N. (Solomon Islands), 2012/01/19


Users Voice
Thank you so much for your email and i would like offer my gratitude to you in your hard work for facilitating and making things more effective and efficient for your me as your customer.
Likewise, i would also give thanks to your team in making things run smoothly.
Keep up you good status and may your company earn the best Reputation in this industry.
Thank you once again

Users Voice
Mr Patrick O. (Uganda), 2012/01/13


Users Voice
Hi Yuki,
Happy new year! Sorry I could not get back to you with the photos of my new M/C Benz. Here are the photos and am at the moment enjoying every bit of the car. It's a good and powerful car; I have already made some journeys to visit my parents and have also given to a friend as a bridal car for his wedding!
Once again, thank you for your professional conduct, support, patience and honesty in handling the sale.

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Dzikamai K. (Zimbabwe), 2012/01/13


Users Voice
I received the car in Zimbabwe ,thank you ,everything is in order!!

Users Voice
Mr Basilio V. (Mozambique), 2012/01/13


Users Voice
Dear Mr. Juan Martel
I am hereby expressing my happiness and satisfaction. I received the car and truly speaking it is a bit above my expectations. Thank you very much and keep good sales

Users Voice
Mr Paulino M. (Mozambique), 2012/01/13


Users Voice
Dear All
This is to confirm that yesterday I have the vehicle Nissan Navara purchased from your company.
Thank very much for your kind support

Users Voice
Mr Francis C. (Zambia), 2012/01/13


Users Voice
Trust Sales Team,
.... I got the car on January 1, 2012 and I am happy with it. Its condition is excellent. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.

Users Voice
Mr Helder C. (Mozambique), 2012/01/06


Users Voice
First of all i would like to thank you for all you did so that i could receive my vehicle in order and in short time, i also really appreciated your honesty for the car is still in good conditions so i thank you all.
My best regards and a happy new year for you

Users Voice
Mr Pedro G. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/01/06


Users Voice
Dear Sir;
Happy New Year!
I would just like to inform that the vehicle is in our hands already and thank you.

Users Voice
Ms Lupupa M. (Zambia), 2012/01/06


Users Voice
Afternoon Yuki,
My harrier arrived safely this morning in Ndola. Thank you for doing business with me. Attached are pictures with my vehicle.
Thank you so much for your genuine way of doing business.

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Handsen N. (Zimbabwe), 2011/12/29


Users Voice
Dear Madam
I have just collected my Chrysler Voyager and am very happy with its performance. It was in a very good condition. I look forward to doing business with you again. Many thanks.

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