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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
Ms Orlanda M. (Mozambique), 2012/05/17


Users Voice
hi Mr. Juan, and all staff of trust, I'm very happy because my car is in Maputo. my husband is already remove the car in dream angel shipment,.
and now i just wait my husband bring the car in my hands, because Maputo is capital city and me i live in Nampula, is another Provice. after my car arive in Nampula i will seend you picture. thanks so much in of my heart. my name is orlanda E. M.

Users Voice
Mr Colin M. (Solomon Islands), 2012/05/17


Users Voice
Thank you Yoko
I will send some photos shortly. When I got the car home tonight it was dirty from the sea voyage. So I arranged for the security guards to wash it straight away. it looks great.
Thank you for being so friendly and easy to deal with. I really appreciate your professionalism and timely responses.
Enjoy your holiday and it is always very nice to hear from you.

Users Voice
Mr Allam K. (Zambia), 2012/05/17


Users Voice
Hi Maki,
I would like to express my gratitude to you and the entire TRUST company Ltd staff, for having received my car, Honda Capa in good condition, as picture indicates.
Good day and thank you very much

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Gerard M. (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
Dear Japanese Trust, Greetings from St.Vincent and the Grenadines W.I.In my
country I have been seeing for years your web site on countless vehicles and
on many occasions wondered when I would be blessed with the opportunity to
get my own vehicle.“Trust” that word in your company’s name is what first
drew my attention.
Having joined your web site many months ago, I have been sent many emails
showing your available vehicles for sale and it so happened a few years
later my wife and I finally acquired the funds through a loan to purchase a
vehicle.In February this year 2012 we purchased a vehicle from your company
it arrived in St.Vincents’ port exactly when your shipping department
I must thanks foremost Maki Hyodo my sales rep for being patient with me and
Ali and Inna for the calming reassurance that my order would be taking care
of.I must say how grateful I am to your entire company for your courteous
staff in the various areas, the skype calls and emails guiding me through
the process.
“TOP QUALITY”…………….From the time I have taken the vehicle around to get it
serviced and those who have seen it has said that it was a great buy. Much
to my pleasing knowing that I have made a good investment. This is our first
vehicle and in the future if we are to buy another and any friend, family,
acquaintance or anyone who we come into contact with we will always tell the
story of how Japanese Trust has treated our order with utmost
professionalism.Thanking you all so much and looking forward to continue
communication for many years to come with God’s blessings. Yours
respectfullyGerard and Donna M.

Users Voice
Mr DICKSON M. (Malawi), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
Hie Yukis
Its like a birth day to receive My Isuzu Elf 2 ton truck which i paid by installments due to Forex shortage in Malawi. Thanks very much for your good business which is not just selling cars for profit but to save customers.

Users Voice
Mrs Salome M. (Malawi), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
Hi Yuki,
Good day, my car is finally home, (Suzuki Swift- Manual) It is very nice and
everything is in order. Thanks to the entire trust team and hoping to do
business with you in the near future.

Users Voice
Mwenya M. (Zambia), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
Dear Mr Martel,
this is just to acknowledge and inform you that the Truck of the above cited invoice and stock number arrived safely and I am grateful to all at Trust Company. I like it and I am the latest "envy" of my friends.

Users Voice
Casimiro A. (Mozambique), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
ladies and Gentlemen,
Trust Company
I confirm that through this email I received my car in Maputo where we still find myself here and I will take my province, about 2500Km of Maputo.
Congratulations for the quality of your services and the quality of the car I bought you, I am very pleased and grateful. I am encouraged and do not hesitate next opportunities to be able once again to acquire car with you.
Well there is your company and Congratulations!

Users Voice
Mr JACOB K. (Tanzania), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
How are you, Mr Ryoko Hamasuna, I received my vehicle long times ago, [...]TOYOTA PRADO- LAND CRUISER, Thank very much and the vehicle is good,

Users Voice
Ms Khadija M. (Tanzania), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
Thank you for kindness i have already receive my car(raum) in a good condition as you indicate. Promiss to be a good advetiser of your business to my friend and others to use your campaign for better choice. Thanks a lot promise to be together on business.I appreciate for your business.

Users Voice
Ms Joyce L. (Samoa), 2012/05/10


Users Voice
Talofa again from Samoa!
Please can you forward this email of THANKS, to your great team, also one of your sales rep Ms Yoko.
I am so happy to say that we have received our vehicle today. We are so so happy and very very thankful as the vehicle is in great conditions. We appreciate the good service and am already telling my friends to buy from your company.
Thank you very much and attach is the picture at our front yard.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Vincent M. (Uganda), 2012/05/03


Users Voice
Dear Makih,
Thanks so much for my car. My expectations were met and am enjoying the ride! I request that you continue to keep the company values especially transparency and professionalism.

Users Voice
Ms Agness Z. (Zambia), 2012/05/03


Users Voice
I received my vehicle here in Zambia yesterday 19/04/12 safe and intact. I am so happy that the vehicle I ordered was exactly what came. Keep up the good work.
Satisfied Customer

Users Voice
Ms Yvonne M. (Zimbabwe), 2012/05/03


Users Voice
Dear Amar and Neeraj
I’m happy to inform you that my vehicle arrived safely in Beitbridge and I collected it on Wednesday 18 April 2012
Thank you so much for your all support, up-to-date reports and close follow-up!!!!

Users Voice
Mr Montinne M. (Tanzania), 2012/05/03


Users Voice
Hi all, I want to say thanks verymuch all trust company limited four my good car.toyota carina 2001.

Users Voice
Mr TONDERAI C. (Zimbabwe), 2012/05/03


Users Voice
I received my vehicle in good shape. Thanks to you all.

Users Voice
Ms Dione H. (Guyana), 2012/04/26


Users Voice
I am happy to inform you of the safe arrival of my vehicle.
I am quite happy with its condition. Thank you.

Users Voice
Alvin P. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/04/26



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Dear Ms. Yoko
We purchased two cars from you last month and we confirm that we have received the cars in good condition. I would like to thank you for your efficient and reliable service.
We would like to purchase few more vehicles from you. [...]
Once again thank you very much for your service and looking forward to buying more cars from you.[...]

Users Voice
Mr Hazrat I. (Guyana), 2012/04/26


Users Voice
Dear Mr. Turgeon,
RE: Confirmation of Vehicle arrival
I would like to confirm the arrival of the '03 Toyota Allion in Guyana on the 8th of April 2012.
On arrival, the vehicle was in exact condition as was seen in the pictures on the Company's website. I appreciate that very much.
Furthermore, it would be a great pleasure to do business with you in future and I will recommend the Trust Company Ltd. to my associates.

Users Voice
Visto C. (Zambia), 2012/04/26


Users Voice
Good morning Yoko,
Thank you very much for the car you recommended me to buy. I love it.i got it with me here in Zambia.

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