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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
Mr Paul N. (Uganda), 2012/04/26


Users Voice
Hello Maki, i hope life is good, i do express my sincere thanks and
appreciation to you and the entire company of Japanese Vehicles for the work
done in advising me and rendering safe custody to my vehicle above all for
the time, energy invested in to ensure safe transit. I am also privileged
to inform you that i finally receive it yesterday 13th April and right here
at home.

Thanks be to God for his will every thing has been made possible and more
will continue coming as He never forsakes his children.
Be blessed for the good spirit and God bless your business more abundantly.

Users Voice
Mr Joel K. (Uganda), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
Hi Yuki,
This is to confirm that I received the Toyota Mark II Cresta [...] that I ordered recently. The vehicle arrived at Mombasa port on April 4th, 2012 as scheduled, and I am now driving it in Kampala. The vehicle is in excellent condition, just like you mentioned, and just like it appeared on the website. Many thanks for your professionalism and efficiency in handling my order. I look forward to buying another vehicle from JapaneseVehicles.com and Trust Company soon.

Users Voice
Mr Conrad M. (Botswana), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
Dear Alisher
Thank you and your team for i have now received my car and its beautiful.
Yes i am enjoying driving it. This is my fourth car i have bought from Trust
and i hope i will still come and buy more.

Users Voice
Mr Honest M. (Tanzania), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
hello sr/madam i just want to thanks all of you for yr kindness . i received my car yesterday . its look really nice good condition . i real appreciate. many thanks to all of you trust team . thanks again and im looking forward to order another vehicle in coming month .

Users Voice
Mr Alfred J. L. (South Sudan), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
Dear Mr. Maki,
First of all, I would like to thank you and the Trust company for having shipped and delivered my two vehicles (Honda CRVs[...] ) safely. I got them in very good condition and I am very happy for the deal.
Actually this has motivated me to place an order for another two Honda CRVs.

Users Voice
Ms ANGELA W. (Bahamas), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
Dear Ms. Ryoko:
The vehicle came on April 7, 2012 and I just viewed it today. It is very clean, neat and beautiful. I am very pleased with the service given and the customs officers checking it also liked it. I say thank you to all your Reps who assisted in getting the vehicle to Grand Bahama. You offer great customer service. Many thanks.

Users Voice
CHARLOTTE K. (Tanzania), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
Dear Maki,
This is to appreciate that on 7th April 2012, I received my 2007-Subaru FORESTER in an excellent condition, just as it was displayed in the picture on the website.

It was a worthy transaction that took exactly two (2) months from the date I sent money to you.
I really appreciate and thank you for your genuineness. Please keep it up and greetings to the entire TRUST Company Team.

Users Voice
Ms HSIANG C. (Marshall Islands), 2012/04/19


Users Voice
Dear Yoko and Japanese Vehicle,
I have received the red Chrysler Grand Cherokee Jeep. it was arrived on March 9th in Marshall Islands and didn't cost me trouble to do the custom clearance. It is so beautiful that my colleagues and local employees all say it is a good buy.

Users Voice
Mr Bernabe B. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Dear Sir,
I received the unit in good condition. The vehicle is much worth the price.
Thank you and I appreciate it.
Until next order.

Users Voice
Mrs Margareth M. (Tanzania), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Dear Maki,
Hope this mail find you well. I am doing fine by the grace of God. I am writing this mail to say thank you since I received the vehicle from our port on Saturday evening. It is real beautiful. I will with you again once
I have to make another purchase.
Thanks and Regards

Users Voice
Mr Anthony M. (Solomon Islands), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Dear Mr Yoko
My vehicle has just cleared Customs here in Honiara. The vehicle looks in very good condition - thank you.

Users Voice
Mr Rex M. (Solomon Islands), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Dear Yoko,
I received the vehicle about two weeks ago and just got it cleared from Customs. Thank you very much and now I have trust in doing business with your company. The name TRUST says it all. I am very happy and I will contact you in the near future for another another vehicle.

Users Voice
P. John (Guyana), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Hello to all the staff at Trust Company JapaneseVehicles.com, especially Amar.
I have received the Toyota Vitz, Model 2006. It arrived in excellent condition and has been driving very well. I would like to thank Amar and all the other sales staff and also the shipping staff for answering all my questions, queries and concerns very promptly. I have recommended your company to my friends and colleagues and would continue to do so. I can't wait to purchase my next vehicle from your company. Once again, many thanks, and I encourage you to maintain the excellent level of service you provide.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Ludwig A. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Dear Martel, Ayumi and team at Trust Company
Thank you very much for the vehicle, Toyota Vista Ardeo, I took delivery yesterday. It is really cool and I like it very much. Thank you for your professional support all along from the initial quotation to the shipment and credit goes to you. You are truly a company that is trustworthy and worth dealing with. I will definitely talk to others about you and your
company, and the professional handling of the vehicles. Thank you very much and much appreciated. I will talk to you later.

Users Voice
Mr Martin A. (Papua New Guinea), 2012/04/12


Users Voice
Hi Juan
I have received my vehicle from the wharf today.
Attached is photo of your Nissan Pressage with my family [...].
Yours faithfully

Users Voice

Users Voice
Francis C. (Zambia), 2012/04/05


Users Voice
Dear Maki Hyodo,
Thank you for the mail. I am really enjoying my Altezza, the car is nice. My comparison with other Altezzas from other sources in Japan has shown that my car is far better than those cars. Please keep selling quality cars as you have always been.
Have a lovely day,

Users Voice
Mrs Sophia S. (Tanzania), 2012/04/05


Users Voice
Dear trust company members, you deserve my thanks and my appreciations for what you have done to me, i received my car (honda logo [...]) on 21 march the same as i saw on the internet, it is nice everybody liked it, really you deserve to be called trust as your name. i promise to find the new customers for you. i get prepared to buy a truck from you very soon!

Users Voice
Mr Adam S. (Tanzania), 2012/04/05


Users Voice
Dear Wayne
I wish to inform you that my Toyota Hilux D/Cabin arrived and was delivered to me safely on 3 March. I appreciate the service of TRUST Company and the way it handled my order, shipment and finally sending the shipping documents. My local clearing agent World Wide Movers Tanzania Ltd, did the work in good time and without unnecessary delays at the port. It was intact as shipped from the UK. Very grateful. Should I have another opportunity to afford another vehicle, TRUST will be the company to deal with. Best regards
Adam S.

Users Voice
Mr Fackson N. (Zambia), 2012/04/05


Users Voice
Dear Sir/Madam,
We acknowledge receipt of the vehicle we purchased from you. We had grand drive from Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) to Livingstone (Zambia) covering a distance of 2600Km. The performance of the vehicle was excellent and very comfortable indeed. The vehicle was intact. We are grateful for your grand service. [...]
Thanks for your great service.

Users Voice
Ms Mphutsako N. (Lesotho), 2012/04/05


Users Voice
Oh, I found the car in a very good condition and I am a proud owner thanks. I would like to thank your company for being trustworthy, hence the name Trust Company.

Users Voice

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