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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
We would love to post here your comments and photos about your experience with JapaneseVehicles.com.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

30 May 2020: we have 1648 testimonials in English
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Users Voice
Mr Vasco A.M. (Mozambique), 2011/09/08


Users Voice
Good afternoon
I am writing to tell you that I have received the vehicle and I am so happy for it.
Thank you for your faithfulness.
I am sorry for my lack of English.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Users Voice
"AIR WATER EARTH (AWE) LIMITED (Uganda), 2011/09/08



Users VoiceUsers Voice
Hay Juan,
I am Ronald from Air Water Earth Limited.
We received the two vehicles we bought from Trust last month and are in good condition.
Thanks a lot.

Users Voice
Mr Constantin II K. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2011/08/25


Users Voice
Salut Amar.
Recevez mes felicitations pour la qualite de vos services.
Je confirme l'arrivee avec succes de ma voiture mazda capella wagon dans mon beau pays la RDC.c est vraiment impecable et ne cause aucun probleme.
C est tres facile a confondre avec une mercedes.Dans peu de jours vous aurez les photos de ma belle voiture.Merci et felicitation a votre agent deddy Tanga.

Users Voice
Mr Addison R. (Dominica, Commonwealth of), 2011/08/25


Users Voice
Dear Maki ,
I take this opportunity to inform you that I have received my vehicle (unit SN 128901) safely. It was a pleasure doing business with you
and therefore wish to thank you tremendously for such a smooth transaction.

Users Voice
Mr Wilson U. (Papua New Guinea), 2011/08/25


Users Voice
Hello Juan,
I just want to thank you and Trust Japanese Vehicle for the safe receipt of my vehicle, the used Land Rover Range Rover SN 127280 today (24/8/11) at 1507 hours local time. The car was in perfect condition and runs with no problems. [...]
Finally my sincere gratitude once again and looking forward to my next purchase of another Range Rover.
Thank you.

Users Voice
Mr Evans B. (Zambia), 2011/08/25


Users Voice
HI ! Yuki
I just want to confirm that I got this car and I’m happy with its condition, the engine the body inside and outside and the performance of the engine is excellent.

What I can encourage this organization "TRUST COMPANY" is that maintain your standards like the name says I have seen what other exporters of vehicles send you are unbeatable. I will keep on marketing on behalf of your company for your products am sure you must have seen even a friend of mine and my workmate is also buying

Toyota GAIGA from KITWE. After I have done our local registration to start using it on the road I will definitely send photos as promised.


Users Voice
Ms Lydia W. R. (Tanzania), 2011/08/25


Users Voice
Dear Maki,
Hope you are fine. The car arrived safely and intact!
Thanks for the good service. Please keep it up.
nb: You are invited to visit Tanzania -to climb the beautiful mountain Kilimanjaro

Users Voice
Ms Ruth Kosgei (Kenya), 2011/08/25


Users Voice
Hi Yuki, this our my mom enjoying her Airtrek in Kenya. She loves it; it runs good and is happy about the results.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Nuhu M. (Tanzania), 2011/08/18


Users Voice
Dear all,
this is to inform you that i have already received i purchased from you.
thanks a lot for excellent services.

Users Voice
The Chesney Trust (Malawi), 2011/08/18


Users Voice
Hi Yuki
Thank you very much for the T-Shirt and the cap as you can see my driver is very happy to be wearing them. We are indeed very happy with our vehicle. […]

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr George C. (Zimbabwe), 2011/08/12


Users Voice
I am pleased to inform you that my vehicle arrived safely, I congratulate you for a job well done. [...] I thank you.

Users Voice
Mrs Pauline M. (Zimbabwe), 2011/08/12


Users Voice
Dear Inna
We are ecstatic about finally driving our car, we got it in perfect shape and we are grateful doing business with you and Trust Company. we are now always advertising for you guys for such an excellent service. May God Bless you richly.

Users Voice
Ms Norah M. (Zambia), 2011/08/12


Users Voice
Thanx, I received my vehicle in perfect condition.

Users Voice
Mr Simeon B. (Zimbabwe), 2011/08/04


Users Voice
Dear All
I am glad about the service you offered me. The car I bought from you arrived in good condition. All went as you said. Your Company is trustworthy and reliable. I have no complain and I can recommend you to my friends. I hope you continue keeping the good work. We shall continue doing business together as I still need another car when I have saved enough. [...]

Users Voice
Mr Theuri E.M. (Sudan), 2011/07/28


Users Voice
Dear Sir Madam,
This confrims to you that i received the above shipment today the 16th July 2011 being in good condition
Thanks Very Much

Users Voice
Mulupa T. (Zambia), 2011/07/28


Users Voice
Good morning, Yuki !
How are you ?
I just wanted to confirm that we got the car SN 126767, nice !
My aunt is extremely happy as well. I hope even the cresta coming is good.
Good day

Users Voice
Mr Michael M. (Tanzania), 2011/07/28


Users Voice
Dear Ms Hyodo,
I would like to let you know that the above mentioned vehicle has safely arrived at Dar Port and my Agent has managed to collect it and forward to me on Saturday 23rd July 2011. Currently, they said vehicle is in my Car parking yard at home, surely the car is very beautiful, my family liked it. My fellow staff here have shown interest to purchase their vehicles through Trust Japan's vehicles and asked me to assist the same.
Let me thank you very much for good customer care.
Yours happy customer

Users Voice
Mr Ruben Safaryan (Armenia), 2011/07/28


Users Voice
Dear friends
I have bought a lot of cars from Trust Co LTD (more than 20) But there is one car which really surprised me. I’m talking about Volkswagen Golf produced on 2001. This car was marked as in Very good condition, but when I got it I saw the car which is much more than “in very good condition”, it was excellent!!! I was unable to find any similar car in Armenia which could be compared to mine by its condition and by its options and comfort. Well done my friends!!! Keep surprising your customers and make them be proud to have such cars.
With many thanks and best regards

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
The Chesney Trust (Malawi), 2011/07/28


Users Voice
Hi Yuki
After a long delay due to the amount we had to pay on customs duty in Malawi, we at last have our car on the road. As you can see we now have our company logo on the car and we are very happy with it. The only problem here is the lack of fuel which you may have read on international news but we are coping.
We are happy with our vehicle and happy to recommend your company to others in Malawi.

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Loishiye L.M. (Tanzania), 2011/07/21


Users Voice
Hello, we would like to give a word of appreciation to the Trust Team for a good service that you gave us. Our vehicle Toyota Premio SN 120833 arrived safely and picked it from the port on the 7th July. Thanks to the whole team and keep on your Trust as your name is.

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