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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

27 January 2020: we have 1617 testimonials in English
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Users Voice
Ms MARY M.M. (Zambia), 2011/06/24


Users Voice
Dear Juan,
Thank you for the Toyota Harrier that I received in good condition. We really love the vehicle and would not hesitate to recommend our friends.
Continue with the same work culture.

Users Voice
Anthony H. (Botswana), 2011/06/24


Users Voice
Good day Ali,
We would like to thank you for the good service that you gave us. Me and my wife are very happy to have received the car in good condition. It's a
beautiful car, clean and very economical. We have driven the car from Gaborone to Francistown (500kms), we did not experience any problems. As your company name says Trust, we indeed trust your services.

At first, she did not trust this idea of importing the car but I told her that we must have faith and yes we had faith and the car finally arrived. We really want to thank you again and finally we are driving with pride. We will encourage our friends to do the same and buy cars from you.

We are looking forward to doing more business with you.
Thank you

Users Voice
Mr James N. (Zambia), 2011/06/24


Users Voice
Hi Trust Company,
Thanks for your service, my vehicle landed safe and its one Good car. Continue with your customer service.

Users Voice
Mr Vincent O.N. (Sudan), 2011/06/16


Users Voice
I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much.I have finally received my vehicle and I like it so so much. I will strive to buy another vehicle from you. Meanwhile I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends.

Users Voice
Mr Musenge N. (Zambia), 2011/06/16


Users Voice
Hi Yuki, I am enjoying my car its neat and clean . Iit's quite in extremely good condition, thanks once more for you staff at trust company expect another order from me a low budget vehicle. Thanks once more as I ride on Zambian soil .

Users Voice
Mr Graham K. (Zimbabwe), 2011/06/16


Users Voice
Dear Alisher,
I Would like to send my GREAT APRECIATION to the Entire TEAM of Trust Company from day ONE when i purchased my vehicle. Now I am a proud owner of a good car even though its a replacement after my other car Toyota corolla was stolen in January this year. Your service was excellent and I'm definitively going to encourage other people to buy from you. AS you name sounds you are truly worthy TRUSTING. Thanks once again for a JOB WELL DONE. I hope to do another purchase with you in future.

Users Voice
Mr Kirvin K. (Zimbabwe), 2011/06/16


Users Voice
Dear all,
This e- mail serves to inform you that my vehicle arrived safely in Harare last week. Your efficiency and professionalism in this regard is highly
appreciated. I will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives alike.

Looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future.
Keep up the good work!!

Users Voice
Mr Pascal K. (Zambia), 2011/06/16


Users Voice
Good morning just want to say a million thanks for you cooperation and patience, also good service i finally collect the car last Saturday it is really
nice and worthy the price.

To all trust team just want to encourage you in your good services. Once again thanks and keep it up with the good work.

Users Voice
Mr Samuel Sinkala (Zambia), 2011/06/16


Users Voice
Hi Yuki,
I would like to inform you that we received the Regius as posted on the internet and in good condition. Thank you for valuing your clients. […]

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr Ntokozo N. (Zimbabwe), 2011/06/09


Users Voice
Thank you,
I am now driving my car which you assisted me in getting thank you very much and l am looking forward to dealing with you people especially if my government does not go ahead with the importation ban.
lt was nice dealing with you.
GOD bless.

Users Voice
Mr Emmanuel S.S. (Tanzania), 2011/06/09


Users Voice
Hellow my dear, MR. JUAN LUIS MARTEL
Its me again hows Japan. the car which you sale to me is good and so beautiful and comfortable car. (subaru forester) [...]

Users Voice
Pastor Y.B. (Zambia), 2011/06/09


Users Voice
Hai Ali,
I salute you for your professionalism in vehicles sales, Shipping, spare parts customer relations. I am driving my Mitsubishi Delica with pride which I bought from your company recently and I have participated in customer satisfaction survey. Hence I want to buy another vehicle from your company. [...}

Users Voice
Mr Allam Kabushi (Zambia), 2011/06/09


Users Voice
Hi Maki,
I wish to let you know that I have received my Nissan Elgrand vehicle in good condition and hereby express my heartfelt appreciation of your reliable and effective services rendered by you and staff of the Trust Company ltd.
Well done and thanks!

Users Voice

Users Voice
Ms Fanny M. (Zambia), 2011/06/09


Users Voice
Dear Maki,
Thanks for the car it in Zambia now, I love it and the looks it almost a new car hope to buy from you soon.

Users Voice


Users Voice
Dear Yuki,.
I take this oppertunity to appreciate your invaluable service.
Dr Wimal P.
Samanthika S.K. & Children

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Ms Joyce Thuwala (Malawi), 2011/06/09


Users Voice
Dear Yuki,
Thank you very much for making me a proud owner of a Toyota Vista for the first time in my life. Thank you again for your commitment right from the time I ordered the vehicle, your patience for a long time it took me to finally pay for the vehicle and delivery of the vehicle to the port of collection. I have already told my friends that they will not regret if they press an order for a car through Trust Company.
You are a reliable and trustworthy company.

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Jastern K. (Malawi), 2011/06/02


Users Voice
Dear Maki
Mazda Familia SN119318 arrived Malawi safely and in good shape. I need another similar vehicle as soon as possible. [...]

Users Voice
Mr Dauto C. (Mozambique), 2011/06/02


Users Voice
Hello Mr. Juan Martel,
I would like to inform you that the car arrived in good conditions and at the same time thank you for all your time.[...]

Users Voice
Mr Michael R.M. (Solomon Islands), 2011/06/02


Users Voice
Hi Juan/Ayumi,
Thank you so much for the information. I am confident to drive my car now, from your assurances of its safety from the radioactive radiation.
I trust your company, therefore I am looking forward to place a new order from Trust in the future. Your assurances on this matter will now clear some queries from friends in my country who are intending to order vehicle from your company. Once again, thank you for your help.
I appreciates the way you communicate with me. As this is my second time purchasing vehicles from your company, I would like to say that your company is well trusted. Your staff dealings are very professional. In this regards, I wish you all the best in your company's future business endeavors.

Users Voice
Mr Sando S. (Zambia), 2011/06/02


Users Voice
Dear Trust Team,
Hope you are well. Kindly be advised that I have received my car and is in excellent condition. I would like to thank all of you for your excellent
service and will continue to support you. Once again Many thanks and have a lovely day.

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