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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
Mr H K M (Zambia), 2010/09/23


Users Voice
Dear Turgeon, I hope you are well. I wish to inform you that I picked the car on Sunday and that the car is in good condition. I wish to thank you so much for your assistance. I am yet to familiarize myself with some functions in the car.
Thank you again.

Users Voice
Mr Macpherson Nthara (Malawi), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
I traveled to Dar es salam end of March to collect the car and made it 950km to Malawi. ever since ia have clocked another 3000km without any problem.
I am a civil servant and a smalltime businessman. I normally travel 600km to collect my stocks from the Capital city. Am dealing with perishable foods like dressed chickens, sausages and eggs. Timeliness is vital in my business. The car you sold is small but has a big heart evidenced by the 3-liter diesel engine. Its the perfect as it would allow me travel faster and carry a reasonable amount of goods.I appreciate that you sold me a good carry with proper maintenance, I hope it will go a long way. Besi

Users Voice
Ms J N (Malawi), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
just to inform you that i went to Tanzania and collected the vehicle on 26th August 2010. i wish i attached a picture but my internet is too slow to do that but thanks for everything it is in good shape and i am enjoying driving it.

Users Voice
Mr M A M (Lesotho), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
Dear Yuki
My car arrived a few weeks back and it was in a good condition.
thank you for a good service.
Best regards,

Users Voice
Ms B C K (Zambia), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
Thank you very much.
I received my Nadia and oh my God...! Its neat.
Best wishes

Users Voice
Dr Pius Kishosha (Tanzania), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
hi u Wayne & ur coworkers
I received the car TOYOTA PLATZ in a good condition. The picture is attached. i appreciate your company and highly recommend it to my friends.
thanks and enjoy

Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr J R S (Angola), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
Hello everyone,
First of all, sorry for answer you so late, but I could manage to pick up the vehicle.
Again thank you for your support and cooperation.
I will contact you on my next purchase.

Users Voice
Mr Enock Kajawo (Malawi), 2010/09/16


Users Voice
Some of my pictures with the vehicle which you sold me. It is really
fantastic.This is the best car for me.

Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Ms L W (Bahamas), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
Dear Wayne,
I hope all is well.
My car arrived last week Sunday, and I received it last week Monday.
Wayne, I love the car. The interior looks brand new, and the exterior was in very good condition as well.
A most grateful...Thank you.
Thank you so very much for all of your help. It was greatly appreciated.
I am delighted with the excellent service that I received from your company & you. It made doing business with you a joy.
May you have much success in all of your endeavors.
Have a great day!

Users Voice
Mr M N (Malawi), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
Dear Maki Hyodo
I want to say I have received the vehicle, Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, I purchased from your company. I must say I am very happy with the condition of the vehicle. You sold me a very good car, I hope to enjoy driving it and cover a lot of mileage with it. I want to thank you and your team there at Trust Company Ltd, for the great job and service. You live up to your reputation as the seller of best vehicles. I will recommend to any of my friends who plan to purchase vehicles. If I plan to purchase a vehicle again soon, I wont hesitate to contact Trust Company Ltd.

Users Voice
Mr Bernard Basar Chengw'ali (Kenya), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
[...] I have attached two photos of myself, my wife and
my son with the Toyota NZE that I purchased for my wife from your
company. My wife is happy with the car and so am I.
The transaction was so smooth and the information given to me so
accurate that I think Trust Company deserves the word TRUST in its name.
Keep it up!
Bernard Basar Cheng'wali

Users Voice Users Voice

Users Voice
Mr B B C (Tanzania), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
Dear Sir,
It is with great pleasure to say that I got my VITZ yesterday evening after meeting all internal tax formalities.
The car is in a very good condition and everybody from my family is happy and proud of your company.
Once again thank you and may GOD bless you.

Users Voice
Mrs A M L M (Uganda), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
Dear Yuki,
Just to let you know that the car arrived and has since been received in good condition. Thank you so much for all your efforts in support for this transaction. We are very grateful.

Users Voice
Mr Yohana Asukenye Samwel (Tanzania), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
Before all I would like to inform you that I have received my
lovely car on Thursday 2/09/2010 in a very good condition. It's my
pleasure to thank you for fulfilling my dream of having Subaru Forester.
Hopefully in future some more friends I will advice them to buy vehicle
from Trust Company Ltd and use Euro Services Ltd as their clearing
agent, I'm really satisfied with your service.
Wishing you all the best.

Users Voice

Users Voice
Ms R R (Zimbabwe), 2010/09/09


Users Voice
Good Day
This is just to confirm that i have received my vehicle, it arrived on 1st September, after a long wait, but the wait was worthwhile. The vehicle arrived intact and have enjoyed driving it these past few days. I will definitely recommend my friends to your organization and will come back in he near future when i want to purchase another vehicle.

Users Voice
Mrs M C (Zambia), 2010/09/02


Users Voice
How are you?
I received the BMW and I am very pleased with it.
It is such a good buy.
Please tell the Japanese Vehicles team that they have a happy customer.[...]

Users Voice
Mr T A (Botswana), 2010/09/02


Users Voice
Just saw the car, it is beautiful and still in good condition. My wife and i were very happy with your services, we hope to work with you again when making the next purchase.

Users Voice
Mr D M M (Tanzania), 2010/09/02


Users Voice
Hello Trust Team,
I am glad to inform you that my car Toyota Probox arrived safely,and yesterday 28/8/2010 ,I have cleared it from the port.
The car is in good condition more than I expected.I promise to advertise to others Trust car and services.

Users Voice
Mr J M (Malawi), 2010/08/26


Users Voice
Hi Maki,
I am pleased to inform you that I received the Unit in excellent condition yesterday. All the paper work was processed without any glitches.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. Your professionalism is by far the best, worthy the name TRUST.
I look forward to doing business with you again.

Users Voice
Mr J C (Zambia), 2010/08/26


Users Voice
Million thanks for the vehicle i ordered from your company.I received the Toyota Ipsum in execellent condition and shape and also to my liking of the colour and the vehicle itself .Thanks again for your true reflection and credibility of your business.

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