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How to buy
1. Select a car
Import vehicles allowed in Cyprus:
-Normal passenger vehicles: 5 years or newer from the first registration.
-Small trucks up to 3 ton: 4 years or newer.
vehicle quality inspection All of our vehicles are inspected before sale.
Click for more information about our quality checks
2. Get an invoice
You can request an FREE pro-forma invoice directly from each vehicle page.
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3. Complete the payment
We do accept the following methods of payment:
-Bank Telegraphic Transfer
-Paytrade by JUMVEA

Visit our payments page or contact us for more details.
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4. The car is shipped out
Ports Limassol (RO-RO, Container)
Larnaca (Only RO-RO)
Shipping schedule Vehicle carrier ship (RO-RO): monthly.
Container: weekly.
Delivery times It takes 2 weeks to complete shipping arrangement then about 30 days after leaving Japan
Documents (before departure) Pro-forma Invoice
Documents (after departure) Original Invoice indicating the FOB and/or CIF value of vehicle
Bill of Lading
Certificate of inspection (if applicable)
Cancellation of Registration Certificate
5. Pick up you vehicle
Taxes and Duties:
All motor vehicles, when imported to Cyprus both new and used are subjected to Import duties and taxes:
-Saloon type vehicles, such as sedan, cabrio, estate, hatchback, coupe, etc.
-Jeep-type off-road vehicles (4?4).
-Vehicles with two rows of seats, known as double cabin cars with Gross Vehicle Weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.
-Vans having a gross weight not exceeding 2032 kg and a net cargo volume not exceeding 2 cubic meters.
-Motorcycles with an engine capacity not exceeding 600 cc., no excise duty is chargeable.

Vehicles in the following categories are subject to 15% ad valorem excise duty:
-"Go kart" type motor vehicles, used only in closed and/or confined spaces, for entertainment purposes.
-Amphibious motor vehicles, with a gross weight not exceeding 1000 kg, with three rows of wheels and all-wheel-drive, which are used for recreational or commercial purposes and which can carry two to four persons.
-"Hovercraft" type motor vehicles that are designed to run both on water and soil.
-Mobile campers of CN 8703.
-Old vehicles as defined in the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Law of 1972 as amended.
-4-wheel vehicles, which have the appearance of a motorcycle and cannot be registered for circulation on public roads.

Vehicles not included in the above categories, such as trucks (pick-ups), buses, vehicles carrying more than nine persons including the driver, vans other than the above, passenger vehicles powered by an electric motor, etc., are not subject to excise duty.

Please see the following pages from Cyprus Customers and Excises Department for further information:
Vehicles from member states of the European Union - On payment of excise duties and VAT
Software for the calculation of the excise duty for vehicles

All information above is subject to change without notification. Please contact your local customs clearing agent and inquire for latest updates.
Spare parts service
We sell spare parts from Japan though the website parts.japanesevehicles.com , with over 500,000 items in stock.
Our professional Spare Parts Team can also provide you with a personalized quote for the exact parts you need for your Japanese or foreign make car.
Click here to request a FREE quote for vehicle parts from Japan
Looking for business partners in Cyprus
Trust Company Ltd. offers a local partnership collaboration program that offers rewards when you sell or help selling a vehicle from JapaneseVehicles.com.

What are the advantages for you?
1.Earn money by helping people buy used vehicles from JapaneseVehicles.com.
2.Receive direct and free marketing support according to your results.
3.Receive personalized assistance from your dedicated sales staff.

How to apply?
Send us your resume or an introduction of yourself to momon@japanesevehicles.com.

Contact us
You can contact us by:
EMAIL: momon@JapaneseVehicles.com
TEL: +81-52-219-9024
WHATSAPP: +81-70-4455-5767
Benefits of Trust Company Ltd.
Over 1000 vehicles in stock: find the right car for you.
Multi-language assistance directly from Japan: it is easy to communicate with us.
Skilled and experienced shipping staff: receive your car without troubles to more than 300 destinations around the world.
Professional vehicle maintenance and a reliable grading system: buy your car with confidence.
Spare parts service: easy ordering of spare parts for your vehicle.
About Trust Company Ltd.
About Trust Company Ltd.
-Estabilished in December 1988.
-Headquarters in Nagoya, JAPAN.
-Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange: 2nd section (Code: 3347).
-Consolidated sales: 152 mln USD (March 2017).

Main businesses
Export of used cars from Japan to over 160 Countries.
Car-rental in Japan with more than 130 offices.
3 car dealers in South Africa.

Trust Company Ltd. is part of VT Holdings Group.
Trust-JapaneseVehicles.com logo
Trust Company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Trust Company is Member of Nagoya Chamber of Commerce Trust Company is Member of JUMVEA Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Association
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Code: 3347
Members of Nagoya Chamber of Commerce.
No. 0534412-07864
Member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association.
No. 000274
About VT Holdings Co., Ltd.
-Estabilished in March 1983.
-Headquarters in Nagoya, JAPAN.
-Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange: 1st section (Code: 7593).
-Consolidated sales: 1,513 mln USD (March 2017).
-One of the largest automobile dealer groups in Japan.

Group companies: car sales related business.
Japan: 8 car dealers with more than 140 selling points in total.
Japan: 3 car and motorbike import companies.
United Kingdom: 3 car dealers.
Australia: one car dealer.
South Africa: 3 car dealers.
Spain: one car dealer (20 selling points).

Group companies: housing related business
4 housing relates companies.
Find out more about VT Holdings Co., Ltd.
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