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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
J.S (Tanzania), 2016/12/27


Users Voice
Dear Momo!
I am happy too to hear from you, I am driving my Carina from Trust company with proud, I will keep recommending my friends to buy their cars from your esteemed company and I pray God and work hard to get money so that I can come back to Trust Company for another car.
Have a Blessed holiday season!

Users Voice
M.M (Kenya), 2016/12/27


Users Voice
Hi Momo,
I hope that you are keeping well.
I'm pleased to inform you that the vehicle is now in my possession. It arrived last week and I collected it yesterday from the port. It is very nice. It has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all the assistance. I drove it for over 600km yesterday and it performs very well.
Please find attached a picture as you requested. I was truly very impressed with your service and I will recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.

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Users Voice
B.E (Uganda), 2016/12/27


Users Voice
Dear Yuki,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire company for the good Job. I received one Peace Subaru Forester SG5 2005 in a very good condition as advised by you. I drove the vehicle my self from Mombasa Port to Kampala without any mechanical problem.
I do confirm for sure to buy more vehicles from you and recommend other buyers as well. Happy Holidays season

Users Voice
T.O (Kenya), 2016/12/27


Users Voice
I would like to say thank you for doing business with you.
It was my first time buying from you, am happy with your good communication and timely delivery. I received the car in good condition.
I do buy used cars and if all goes well I promise to buy another car from you in 2017.
One major problem we face as importers of used cars is the delay in delivery but you performed well.

Users Voice
L.S (Trinidad and Tobago), 2016/12/19


Users Voice
Hi Risa,
This is L.S from Trinidad who purchased the Nissan March a few months ago.I received the vehicle last Friday and it was in very good working condition. It was much more than I expected. I just want to say thank you so much for everything. I am in the process of getting it licensed now, so I have not been driving it as I would like as yet. By next week please God everything should be ready.
Thanks again to you and all at Trust Company. Continue the great work. I have been telling others about your company. A satisfied customer will always advertise your business.
Thanks again and God bless you.

Users Voice
A.K. (Zambia), 2016/12/19


Users Voice
Dear Ms Yuki,
I just want to say thank you to you and the entire Trust team for your marvellous service. I received my Toyota kluger in perfect condition as advertised. I like my car, its really nice. Thank you very much

Users Voice
C.B (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), 2016/12/02


Users Voice
dear sir/madam
many thanks in regard to your email.
i am now anxiously awaiting my vehicle.and thank you for making it possible for me and many like me to be able to purchase and own a vehicle through this website.

Users Voice
R.H (United Kingdom), 2016/12/02


Users Voice
Dear Trust, My Nissan Elgrand is running just fine. A very nice vehicle. Tell Sam a big “Thank you”. With UK leaving the EU, the £ has hit a low compared to the US$ and it would be uneconomical to purchase another vehicle just now, however I do not expect this situation to last long and I’ll be a customer again. Now I know how it’s all done the next will be a lot easier.
Thank you.

Users Voice
R.S (Guyana), 2016/11/25


Users Voice
Hello Sir
This is to confirm that i have received vehicle . It is in very good condition and as expected.
I will surely contact you for later purchases.
Thank You

Users Voice
D.B (Anguilla), 2016/11/18


Users Voice
Hello Juan
I am happy to tell you that I picked up the vehicle today.
Thanks a lot for all your input.
Kind regards,

Users Voice
C.B (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), 2016/11/18


Users Voice
dear sir/madam,
many thanks to you for your kind paternage for your assistance in selecting this vehicle.
i will refer u to other friends and family and wish you all the best in the future with your business.
respectfully yours.

Users Voice
V.M (Cayman Islands), 2016/11/11


Users Voice
Good day,
Just want to say thanks to you, and your company for a great job you all are doing. My car is perfect in lest than 24 hours. 
This Morning I took it to Car Clinic,Kirk Motors. James, and his team did a great job. Now it runs great, and the customer service is very good.  
I will sure to recommend Trust japanesevehicle to everyone that needs a car here in the Cayman Islands. 
Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.

Users Voice
D.J (St. Maarten), 2016/11/09


Users Voice
It's a pleasure doing business with Trust Company Ltd.
I have owned this dump truck for several years now and worked it like a mule. :)
Its 23 years young :) and runs like a clock.
Without a doubt its one of the best buys amongst several others that I have purchased from them!
Special thanks to my friend Ms. Maki Hyodo for always assisting me with great services, and also to Mr. Tamio Suzuki.
I look forward to maintaining both a positive and productive relationship with you guys for as long as possible.

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Users Voice
R.M (British Virgin Islands), 2016/11/07


Users Voice
I got my vehicle and it is working perfectly! I like it! I have completed the Online survey as well and gave your company very positive feedback!
I have a problem; can I get an additional key please?
I would be very grateful.
Thanks and kind regards

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Users Voice
C.N (Kenya), 2016/10/21


Users Voice
Hi Juan.
I received the 2009 LC Prado 2 days ago.
I really like the car, especially the quality.
I'm interested in purchasing another vehicle, a 2009 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI.
Kindly get back to me.

Users Voice
E.H (Bahamas), 2016/10/14


Users Voice
Dear Momo, hope you are well. It has been two months since I received my Subaru Legacy. I must say that it far exceeded my expectations. It arrived in excellent condition. Even though the AC was not working, I was prepared to pay for the repairs, but to my shock and amazement, Your agent, Mr Kevin Hanna contacted your company and said that they would pay for the repairs. For that good will gesture alone, I am singing Trust Company praises everyday, along with the praises to my God, Jesus. Kevin Hanna represents your company well, he is honest and a real professional. Trust Company could not have choosen  a better agent, excellent service from him. I have and continue to get the word out about your company and my testamony. One of my referrals have already purchased a vehicle from Trust, her name is Katherine Williams, her car has already been shipped. She was really impressed with my car, my testamony and Kevin Hanna's service. I will enter her information for the program you have running now for my prize. I will send you some pictures of my car later, it really gets all the attention on the streets here in Nassau.

Users Voice
S.M (Mozambique), 2016/10/06


Users Voice
Finally, I have received my vehicle smoothly. Thanks much for your attention. Now I know Trust is a Company to Trust.

I do promise to guide my best friends to your company in case they want to import vehicles. Sorry for the belated update, it took me more days than expected to fulfill with clearing procedures.

All the best to you.

Users Voice
G.A. (Tanzania), 2016/09/23


Users Voice
Dear Masako,
Hope this mail finds you well,I appreciate your services as Trust Japanese vehicle company.
I received my lovely Hillux two weeks ago with the help of Mr Obeid of Trust company in Dsm.
Mr Obeid was very helpful right from the initial stage of an idea of purchasing the vehicle,he convinced me and now am enjoying the fruits.The vehicle is perfect no any problem.Thank you Urio!
I am now an ambassador of Trust company!!!
Once again thank you and keep in touch.

Users Voice
D.M. (Kenya), 2016/09/14


Users Voice
Hi Momo,

I received the car in perfect condition.

I greatly appreciate your professionalism and willingness to clarify where necessary without tiring. The whole process was smooth and hassle free plus I received the car in record time.

Would recommend other Kenyans to use Trust Company for an hassle free importation of cars.


Users Voice

Users Voice
C.M. (Uganda), 2016/09/13


Users Voice
Hello Yuki I received my car well. Just what i ordered. Nice working with you. You will definitely be hearing from me. Thankyou.
Best wishes.

Users Voice

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