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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

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Users Voice
N.M (Netherlands(Bonaire)), 2017/05/26


Users Voice
My review: As soon as (...)I reported the starting problems with my car, you/Trust took it very seriously and showed heartfelt empathy.
As a customer I felt supported and understood by you/Trust in for me a very stressful and concerning time. You/Trust was thinking with me in determining what might have caused the problem and were giving me information about the car functioning before and also possible solutions. That really gave me the trust that everything would work out. And I am so happy that it did.
Trust company is really living up to her name as being a trustworthy company. Your/Trust's communications with the customer is swift, clear, solution and service oriented. What I have also noticed is that your teamwork is great. You have let me know that you have involved different colleagues in trying to figure out and solving the problem or get clearance with your manager for my compensation of the garage costs.
I would like the thank the whole Trust company team for their wonderful service. Again you are 'talking' with a very please customer and for sure I will recommand your company to my friends, family and colleagues (I already did :-)) and for sure I would do business with you again.
Again thank you and kind regards,

Users Voice
J.T.G (Mauritius), 2017/05/26


Users Voice
Dear Miss Yuki,
I am pleased to notify you that I have taken possession of my Vehicle Honda CR-V which I bought from your company and which you diligently made the shipping arrangement to Mauritius. I apologize for the delay in reverting back to you for the vehicle has reached Rodrigues where I live some 4 weeks ago.
I am very proud of the Vehicle. It is in very good condition and my family and myself like it very much. We do not bother whether it is second hand for it is almost as new! Now, I am enjoying my drive every day to and from work. During week end, I need to take my wife out for a trip to enable her to enjoy the vehicle as well.
When I first contacted your company for the purchase of the vehicle, my colleagues discouraged me. They argued that this transaction is very risky and not safe. No body in Rodrigues did this type of transaction before. Now, everyone willing to purchase a vehicle is coming to me asking for information.
In fact, I am not hesitating to recommend every body, especially my dear ones, to go to your site for the purchase of a second hand vehicles as it is cheaper, 100% safe, secure and there is a dedicated team to ensure that the vehicle reaches its destination.
I really appreciate having dealt with you and I thank you heartfelt fully for your outstanding services.

Long live to you.
May God bless you.

Users Voice
C.T (Solomon Islands), 2017/05/26


Users Voice
Thank you very much Trust.
The vehicle I purchased from you was brilliant.
I have collected it on 16.5.2017.
Many thanks

Users Voice
D.S (Bahamas), 2017/05/15


Users Voice
Hello Sam,
Thank you so much!! I'm extremely happy with my car!!! I will definitely recommend you and your site to anyone looking to buy a vehicle!!

Users Voice
I.M (Zambia), 2017/05/15


Users Voice
Good Morning Sam,
Vide this e-mail, I wish to express how elated I am with the excellent condition of captioned vehicle received including your clear strict observance to timelines.
In view of the aforementioned , I wish to assure “Trust Company ltd” that I’ll not hesitate to recommend your Company to all my colleagues and business Associates . Expect another order for another S500 Mercedes from me in the next two months.

Users Voice
E.W (Kenya), 2017/05/15


Users Voice
Hi Charlotte,
Good afternoon and I hope you are well.
This is to inform you that we received our car in a very good condition, my client is extremely happy.
I hope we shall continue doing business together.

Users Voice
J.P (Antigua and Barbuda), 2017/05/04


Users Voice
My vehicle arrived in Antigua on March 11.
Thank you.for your assistance during the process.

Users Voice

Users Voice
A.N (Tanzania), 2017/05/04


Users Voice
Hello Yuki, though i have written a bit late , but am so grateful that i received my Toyota mark x with a so unique colour (maroon) in a very good condition. The interior and exterior are so magnificent, ofc ourse a lot of people here a asking about your esteemed services , i have recommended they should visit your website as they can view lots more units of such quality.
Much regards too for your support, its adorable.

Users Voice

Users Voice
C.C (Zambia), 2017/04/28


Users Voice
We are so happy we bought this vehicle. It is quality and very much road worthy.

Users Voice

Users Voice
J.M. (Mozambique), 2017/04/28


Users Voice
Dear Juan!
My especial thanks for you and your team,
I have receive my TOYOTA HIACE in very good condition and clean.
That is my third vehicle from your company what i received in perfect condition,
so I` m very very happy.
God bless you and your company.

Users Voice
S.D.M (Antigua and Barbuda), 2017/04/07


Users Voice
Dear Mr. Mizuguchi,
I am writing to inform you that I was able to clear my vehicle from the customs today. I delayed sending you this message as I had some technical difficulties in processing the documents. However this delay was no fault of yours but entirely from my end.
Let me say thank you for your reliable and professional service. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you.
Thanks to you and your entire team at Trust Company.

Users Voice
S.K (Solomon Islands), 2017/03/17


Users Voice
Item arrived safely here in Honiara all in good condition Thanks for providing such a wonderful service. The car is in great condition and I happily awaits the second item bought. Keep me posted on the status.
Thanks for the great business with you.

Users Voice
A.S (Zambia), 2017/03/17


Users Voice
Thank you so much for your support. The C200 arrived safely on Lusaka, Zambia. I am happy. See the pics.

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Users Voice
K.V (Niue), 2017/03/10


Users Voice
Good afternoon Juan,
“ Trust” Japanese Vehicles.com are an excellent supplier of quality vehicles.
Over recent years I have purchased four Toyota minivans from them. I have found their “Recommended” vehicles true in the description and condition.
The optional extras “Trust” offer is appreciated and the costs are competitive.
The process of ordering and paying for the vehicles is easy and documentation is always well supported.
As Niue is a remote South Pacific island, we rely on being able to trust that the vehicles we purchase will give us years of trouble free service.
I highly recommend this company to you for your consideration when purchasing your next vehicle.

Users Voice

Users Voice
K.K (Cayman Islands), 2017/03/10

BMW 320I

Users Voice
Hi Guys,
At last I have received my car and it was in really good condition. Thank you so much for your help and I really appreciate it. Will definitely recommend you guys if any of my friends i planning to import a car.

Users Voice
D.K (Guyana), 2017/03/10


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company Ltd,
I am writing to advise that I have received vehicle that I purchased Nissan Tiida. I am pleased with the service of Trust Company and wish to thank you and your team for everything.
Satisfied Customer in Guyana

Users Voice
P.B (Zambia), 2017/03/03


Users Voice
Hi Yuki and Yuriko,
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for your customer service, promptness, and accuracy in dealing with me on this one. As you can see, my brother got the vehicle in a timely manner as you had scheduled and everything went without a hitch. We will sure be dealing with you guys in the near future. Thanks again.

Users Voice

Users Voice
J.R.K (Tanzania), 2017/03/03


Users Voice
Thanks all team from Trust company to enable my car Toyota Raum arrived at Dar port Tanzania and all clearing process was done faster and the car is at my hand now.I wish all the best.

Users Voice
C.J (Bahamas), 2017/03/03


Users Voice
Good morning,
At about 4:45pm on Monday 27th February I received my vehicle from the port in Freeport and the vehicle I must say it is impressive and the condition is ok for a used vehicle. So far its running well and requires little gas to fill it up. Thank you so much for my new ""Betsy"", my Honda Fit and I look forward to doing business with you in the not too distant future. I am looking for a good price on a Nissan Note 2007-2008 with reasonable mileage. If you have anything in the next month let me know please.
Best regards

Users Voice
C.M (Zambia), 2017/03/03


Users Voice
I'd like to thank you so much and to appreciate you as an organization
for your good relations and hospitality to all the clients who purchase vehicles
from Trust company, you've been so good , more especially on up dating clients
on each and every sale that you're doing. Please continue with you recommendable

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