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Since 1988, Trust Company Ltd has supplied hundreds of thousands of people with their dream vehicles.
Here are collected testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers around the world.
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Trust Company's customers from around the world

27 June 2019: we have 1580 testimonials in English
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Users Voice
Mr V. R. T. (Tanzania ), 2019/06/14


Users Voice
Dear Yuki & Team,
Greetings from Tanzania!

I have received my vehicle timely as advised by you.

The vehicle is in excellent condition and i thank you all for the best services provided to me!
This is the first time i have ordered a car from you and must say that your name says it all TRUST.

I have bought vehicles from ... previously but in comparison with you, they are far behind and not honest. They have a tendency of changing odometer readings and repair accidental vehicles without informing the client, which is very bad. In fact i shall be compelled to complain to MLIT JAPAN about this.

I did my own checking with this vehicle and really it seems the odometer has not been tampered.

Please keep up the good service and serve your clients an extra mile.

Once again thank you!

I shall connect you to many clients/friends here.

Best Regards,

V. T.

Attached are some photos.

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Users Voice
Mr. P. K. (Uganda), 2019/06/12


Users Voice
Dear TrustVehicles Team,

This is to acknowledge and thank you for my vehicle which I purchased about a month ago from your prestigious company, Japanese Vehicles.

The vehicle arrived and reached me today in Uganda and I love it. It's in perfect shape and runs and performs extremely very elite. This Prado is my third vehicle in my entire career to purchase from your company after 2 different Mark II vehicles (1996 model and 2004 model) and I won't stop because you are trustworthy, helpful and have neat reliable and mint condition performing cars. Thank you so much. Here is the image of the vehicle just now after arriving to be cleaned at a washing bay in Kampala.

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Users Voice
Ms. M. T. (Zimbabwe), 2019/06/12


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This is to acknowledge receipt of your my vehicle that l purchased from your company. I am quite impressed with the condition of my purchased vehicle.

[....] l am really enjoying the new wheels.

l thank you.



Users Voice
Ramnarine (Guyana Autar), 2019/05/30


Users Voice
Hello Mm, Trust that all is well with you.

It's one of your customer from Guyana.

Just stopped by to say hi!

Just to let you know one year and my toyota vits is working great (well, with the exception of the Fog light which stopped working just a few months after i got it) other than that it has been great...

Trust that things are well with you and family.

Users Voice
Ms. R. E. G. (Mozambique), 2019/04/30


Users Voice
Good day.

I'm glad to inform you that I have already received the car. It arrived in good condition and i like it so much. Congratulations for your efficiency!

Best Regards

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Users Voice
Mr. J. P. M. (Congo, Democratic Republic of), 2019/04/30


Users Voice
Hi Mickael

Hope you are well

I have received my car in Lubumbashi and I would like to thank you and Trust Company for what you did for me.

Thanks very much

Best Regards,

J. P. M.

Users Voice
Mr. N. M. P. (Zambia), 2019/04/17


Users Voice
Dear Momo.

I am writing to inform you that my ordered vehicle arrived safely and its in my custody. I would like to thank each and every person who was involved in the procurement of this vehicle. You all showed the highest level of efficiency in handling this matter.

The Truck is in good shape just as I saw it on your website and I am very happy. All the accompanying accessories are intact.

You are the best. Continue sourcing good vehicles for your customers and we shall always be coming back to you for more purchases and recommendation to other people.


P. N.

Users Voice
Mr. U. P. (Netherlands (Bonaire)), 2019/04/16


Users Voice

I got my car and very happy with it and I think I want one more for my wife.
Let me know if you have one more about the same: Make, year, kilometers and price.


Users Voice
Mr. A. l. M. (Zambia), 2019/04/16


Users Voice
Dear Trust Company,

I wish to inform you that l received my vehicle in February 2019, though it took long to reach me finally in Livingstone. One factor was that l was still learning how to drive. I am now driving.
I am so happy and excited with vehicle. It is nice and in good condition.
I am so grateful for your satisfying services. I will definitely recommend you to my friends for such a reliable services.

Thank you once again


A. M.

Users Voice
Dr. E. T. K. (Tanzania ), 2019/04/08


Users Voice
I am sending this message to you to inform you that today, I received
my vehicle (Light Ace Noah) in good condition. I am so grateful to
Yuki Sugishita for helping me in searching the vehicle that I needed
most, as well as for making all arrangements to make sure that the
vehicle is shipped to me safely.

Thank you very much.


Users Voice
Mr. M. V. (Uganda), 2019/04/08


Users Voice
Dear Momo,

Warm greetings from the rainy Uganda! Am pleased to inform you that i received my Toyota Prado Land cruiser in a very excellent condition. The car looks brand new and i have been told by my friends that you could have forgotten and sent me a new car instead of a used car. Any how, am proud of your company and i will continue to transact business with you.

Kind regards,

M. V.

Users Voice
Ms. D. S. (St. Kitts and Nevis), 2019/04/01


Users Voice
Good Day Yoko,

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the vehicle on Thursday last week March 21st in good condition.
Thank you so very much for all your help and support.
I will be certain to check you site again if and when I am in need of another vehicle and will certainly recommend to others.
Thanks again.

Best regards,


Users Voice
F. F. Inc (Guyana), 2019/03/18


Users Voice
Dear Momo,

We have received our vehicle in perfect condition. Thank you very much.


F. F. team

Users Voice
T. E. Co. Ltd (Tanzania ), 2019/03/18


Users Voice
Hello Tamio,

This is to confirm that I have received the back view camera, thank you very much. I really appreciate the level of customer service that I have received from all of you.

Momo: you guys provides a great service, the customer care is super, the quality of car is super excellent and for sure has exceeded my expectations, when you say top quality you real mean it. I will take a photo tomorrow morning with my Prado for you to see how happy I am.

Thank you again,


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Mr. A. K. (Zambia ), 2019/03/13


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"Hai Mickael. I do confirm that I received my Isuzu Truck in a good condition. Thanks so much for helping me to choose this Truck"

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Ms. A. M. (Samoa ), 2019/03/12


Users Voice
Happy to report we have received our taxi n we love it. Thanks very much

Kind regards


Users Voice
Ms. A. C. (Zambia), 2019/02/21


Users Voice
"Hello. I have received the vehicle in perfect condition. Thank you very much. Will call again"

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Mr. J. W. (Liberia ), 2019/02/15


Users Voice
I wish to thank all you for the car. I wholeheartedly love it. It’s clean, it’s exactly what I wanted.

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Ms. T. T. (Bermuda), 2019/02/15


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Good day Juan.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for being so helpful and kind to me in the process of purchasing our new van!

My brother, Anthony, & I very pleased with it to say the least!! I am sending you pics of our truck fully licensed and on the road!

It rides very nicely as I have also driven it.

I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you and continue to do the great work you have been doing.

Have a good evening and many blessings on you!

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Mr. R. S. (Dar-Es-Salaam), 2019/02/06


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Hi Momo!

I want to make three points:

1.I was delighted by the service you provided personally. Your regular emails, courtesy and clarity of information were all very reassuring. Excellent. You are the perfect interface for Trust / JapanVehicles.com

2.At this end in Dar, Urio Obed facilitated the movement of the car through TRA and the registration process quickly. On his advice I paid the taxes and port charges while the car was at sea. As a result I received the car 5 days after the ship docked in port in Dar Es Salaam. The ship arrived on Sunday 27 Jan 2019. The car was out of port and delivered to me (as seen in the photos) by Thursday 31 Jan. Excellent.

3.The car is in great condition. I have one regret: I think should have paid the extra $650 and installed a new in-car audio system in Japan. I’ve now had to do that in Dar, and I am certain that I would have got a better system (set in the English language) if I had added that to my original order with you.

Anyway, all in all, I a, very happy with your service. Thank you very much again.

With best wishes,

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